February 5th, 2007

Your Turn: In Praise of Husbands

I was reading this inspiring thread over at the 4RealLearning Forumsand I thought we all should get in on the game. If we wanthusband-bashing, we need only turn on our television sets. Let’s do theopposite here today. After all, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Tell us,what does your husband (or wife — I know there are some quiet guys outthere!) do right?

I’ll start. Dan helps with homeschooling. I feel like I should write that in gigantic all capital letters, because to me, it ishuge. I am so fortunate that Dan can be home for chunks of timethroughout the day and that he really does sit down and work on lessonswith the kids on a regular basis. And he’s a wonderfully patient andthorough teacher, besides. I have never once heard him complain aboutdoing it. I am embarrassed to say that he can’t say the same about me.Like many women I know, I struggle with the commitment homeschoolingrequires, and it means the world to me to know I am not in it alone.

Now it’s your turn. Pick one thing, just one little thing, that youappreciate about your spouse and share it with us in the comments.

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