October 8th, 2009

Word to the Wise

When you are running around trying desperately to finish up laundry, make phone calls, change diapers, prepare dinner, and grade schoolwork because you are leaving to take your daughter to soccer practice in just a few minutes and you think of checking your voice mail but then don’t because …

  • You still have to sweep the dining room
  • You forgot all about the story you promised you read the 3 year old
  • You need to fix the 6 year old’s hair in a pair of pretty pig tails

You probably should just take just a little minute to check your messages before you race around, scramble to find your sneakers, throw your own hair into a pony tail, and grab your coat and keys in a mad dash for the door.

Because otherwise you won’t get around to checking your voice mail until you are minutes away from the soccer field.

And then it might just happen that the only message you have will be from your daughter’s soccer coach. Canceling practice.

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