December 11th, 2008

Two Questions

1. Do you let your kids watch Sponge Bob?

2. Is Sponge Bob ever not on?

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  • Spongebob is like cartoon crack. We can’t get enough of it. It’s ALWAYS on (if there’s a choice). Even our two year old will choose it. “I’m sorry, Spongebob, but Gary is with ME now…” cartoon GOLD, I tell ya!

    We watch lots of other shows (educational, funny, family friendly) but on a weekend after chores, or during the day when the older ones are doing school, or after schoolwork, we do watch it.

  • Missy

    We love SpongeBob!! My husband especially likes that fact that he works in a restuarant since he and his brother own a restaurant. I think he is hilarious! We don’t watch him all day…limited doses at our house as well.

  • Leslie

    1. We don’t say Spongbob is bad I just tell the kids I don’t want them spending their time watching that particular cartoon. I do not like how they make Spongebob’s friend out to be so dumb.

    2. Yes, Spongebob is on all the time!

  • Katie

    A few years ago I banned Nickolodean from the house because I didn’t like the kids’ attitudes since they had been allowed to watch it. The exception to this was Sponge Bob. He sorta creeped me out when my oldest was a little guy, but as I got to know him, I grew to appreciate the humor and just plain silliness. I like his innocence. Some of the other cartoons geared to children border on schmaltz and the others are downright violent, gross and show parents and adults as buffoons, worthy of disrespect – If I can’t find Bugs or Daffy, I’ll take the Sponge. 🙂

  • Sam

    no-I can’t stand it…
    yes-my husband allows it and the kids laugh like crazy…
    balance-that’s why we make such a great couple!!!

  • Gina

    Since our daughter is only two we don’t let her watch it BUT she knows all about him since Nick shows commercials for him ALL the time.

    And yes I think he is always on TV!

  • Franchelle

    Yes, we watch Spongebob. It actually started early on with my own father and a few of my brothers who would make sure they were ready for Mass on Sunday morning extra early to get in an episode. This has had a trickle down effect to my boys. I think Spongebob is really annoying, but I don’t find anything particularly offensive about him. It’s funny and silly for the kids and good in small doses for belly laughs.

    My only Spongebob issue is that I don’t allow it second hand. My children, thankfully!, love to talk to me, but I really lose it when I have to hear about Spongebob. 😉

  • Mel

    I think sponge bob is pretty funny. 🙂 I’ve been told I have a weird sense of humor though. But we only have basic cable, so no…they don’t usually see it.

  • Elizabeth Anne

    Wow, well. I have never seen Sponge Bob. That’s my confession. When I was growing up, in the early ’80’s, I did watch whatever my parents didn’t monitor (to be honest) and I think I turned out just fine. Small doses of just about any stupid cartoon/movie/book seem pretty harmless, although I understand the concerns of so many of you. It seems like if the goal is to raise Catholic kids who turn into Catholic adults who function in the big, wide world, allowing them to interact with parts of the more mainstream culture is ok. Helpful even. They just need a Catholic lense to filter. I think someone posted about using the show as a discussion starter and that seems like a great way to deal with anything that might not be the model of Catholic culture. There is such a fine line between letting kids go crazy and not letting them live, but that is the challenge, isn’t it?

  • Annie

    We never let them. We have the kids so well-trained that even when they’re at their grandparents’ houses they tell them that they’re not allowed to watch Sponge Bob!

  • Kristen

    Yes my kids watch it. Like another commenter said I have a child on the autism spectrum who has an amazing response to him. I do find it strange that a lot of parents I know object to newer children’s programming but don’t to the same things in “classic” programming. For example at a recent birthday party I attended one mother told me she did not allow her children to watch a martial arts oriented program for kids, just good ol’ Looney Tunes because of the violence. I’m guessing she forgot about the anvil dropping and “duck season, rabbit season” and coyote and road runner. Also, in response to Spongebob, et al, looking “icky” a neighbour of mine who does not allow her childen to watch for that reason was mortified recently when her five-year-old daughter told her that she couldn’t play with another child in our neighborhood who has facial deformities because, “she’s just to repulsive looking, like Spongebob.” My neighbor said she never would have thought her kids would translate her dislike for a character’s appearance into dislike for other people based on appearance.

  • Amy

    Absolutely not. Statements such as “Duh..I’m stupid” and “being evil is fun!” are not entertainment. They are sick. Not to mention the grotesque body humor. There are far better, moral and worthwhile things to fill my children’s heads with.

  • Dawn

    I watched one with the kids for the first time last week and well.. I think it’s a keeper. I was truly amused and laughed out loud several times. I think the kids enjoyed seeing me enjoy something they enjoy.

  • Carol


    though not a Sponge Bob watcher, I AM curious what snacks you are serving for the 24 Season Premiere? Will you be entertaining as well…or is this just and event for you and hubby?

  • Veronica

    Yes, we do allow Sponge Bob (and while I think it’s fairly dumb, there are lots of funny moments!).. BUT we dont’ have cable so it is limited to one episode on dvd or computer.

  • Jacqueline

    I don’t allow my children to watch Spongebob because it’s quite painful to see a cartoon character hurt his friends the way Spongebob does. In our home we try to instill the Love and purity that Jesus would give on us.

    It’s so sad that cartoons now are so degrading, ugly and so hurtful. Just my two cents…

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