June 4th, 2008

The Water Horse

Dan and I watched this enjoyable movie the other night. It was so refreshing to spend an evening with such innocent entertainment. And it was entertaining. The story is light-hearted, fun, and engaging, but not terribly deep. The effects were well done and the characters were so very likable. I especially loved the young boy, Angus, played by Alex Etel. You might recognize him from Millions a few years back. He’s grown up a bit, but he’s still a natural actor. What a beautiful boy! Can you call a boy beautiful? Well, I just did. Sorry, Alex, but it’s true.

I will confess to crying during this one, but it’s not a real tear-jerker. That’s just me. Dan remained dry-eyed throughout, but that’s just him. Watch it yourself and see how you fare. I plan to show it to the kids tomorrow, sometime between presents and that fabulous cake.

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