January 2nd, 2012

St. Basil and Gingerbread

O Lord,
the helper of the helpless,
the hope of those who are past hope,
the savior of the tempest-tossed,
the harbor of the voyagers,
the physician of the sick.
You know each soul and our prayer,
each home and its need.
Become to each one of us
what we most dearly desire,
receiving us all into your kingdom,
making us children of the light.
Pour on us your peace and love,
O Lord our God. Amen.

— Orthodox Liturgy of St. Basil

We made these houses on New year’s Eve. I thought I should take some photos before the little guys give in to the temptation to snack on them.

Our “gingerbread” is really graham crackers. These ideas were helpful. As was having a husband with knowledge of how a real house gets put together and stays together. Also, royal icing makes for perfect “concrete.”

Merry Christmas (Day 9)!

5 comments to St. Basil and Gingerbread

  • Joan

    Cool gingerbread houses! I made them with my “big” kids on Tree Trimming day. I am also an advocate of Royal Icing! We bought a kit, but made the icing. When my kids were little we used to make them with Graham Crackers. Good Job everyone!

  • Wow, very impressive…not just the houses, but the fact that you let 10 kids make crafty and messy stuff in your house! What a fun mom!

  • And of course I realize that you only have 8 kids! Ha…sorry!

  • Ha ha Colleen! Have I mentioned how awesome you are?

  • You know, they make gingerbread flavored graham crackers nowadays.

    I made gingerbread King’s Cake for my Twelfth Night Feast Fit for a King on Jan.6th, which effectively blended both traditions into one tasty dessert.

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