January 15th, 2011

Spinnin n’ Reelin

Yesterday, Eamon had a song in mind that he wanted to buy on iTunes so he asked me to check the lyrics for him (I always preview lyrics before allowing kids to purchase music).

He didn’t know the artist and had only heard part of the song as bumper music on a radio talk show, but it’s been my experience that it usually only takes a little bit of Googling to find the lyrics to any song, even if we only know part of it.

This time, however, when I searched for the words he remembered, “Spinnin n’ Reelin in Love,” plus “lyrics” I came up with nothing.

I Googled. I iTuned. And finally YouTubed. There it was.

Creed Bratton, of course. From The Office. And yes, the lyrics do seem to be just fine.

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