November 21st, 2016

Some notes from Jacksonville

I had the honor of speaking at the To the End of Love marriage conference in Jacksonville this past weekend.

I have heard from a number of couples in attendance requesting an outline of my talk or some notes they could use from it, so I am publishing my notes here. They aren’t fancy, but I hope they will serve to jog your memory about all that we shared over the weekend.

I have shared the notes in a Google doc. You can see them at this link.

Thank you for welcoming me to Jacksonville and for sharing your hearts with me!

2 comments to Some notes from Jacksonville

  • Pae

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful notes on your talk in Jacksonville. I would love for my husband and I to attend a talk on marriage or go to Retrovaille. We have been married over 28 years. One of your guests on Girlfriends referred to being in the desert with her marriage. Well that’s my husband AND i are right now.I could even say we are stuck and going down. One big area of difficulty is our lack of communication. I am not able to discuss any subjects with my husband at all anymore. He runs away. He has made important decisions without my approval. I am praying God will help us. I feel comfort in listening to you every week. We are an older couple with mostly older children raging in age 10 to 27.

  • Thank you for your comments Pae. I am so sorry you are struggling in your marriage right now, but please know that you are NOT alone. It sounds like you and your husband need some outside help. That could be couples therapy or talking to a priest or attending a weekend event like Retrouvaille (though Retruvaille is specifically geared toward couples who are n the brink of divorce). I will pray for you to find the right solution.

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