August 11th, 2008

Sewing from the Heart

Alice, from Sewing from the Heart, is a Catholic grandma and a talented seamstress. I recently received a few of her handmade items for my kids and I was truly impressed with their quality.

Gabrielle adores her personalized, princess-themed bookbag and wasted no time filling it with precious hairbrushes, compacts, and stuffed animals. These are as sturdy as they are attractive and would make a great gift for any child.

Alice’s aprons and children’s clothing items are also beautifully made with great attention to detail.

Juliette put on her frilly pink apron and got right to work, humming and cleaning in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I am not one to argue with an item that inspires that kind of “play” in my kids. The shoulder straps on the children’s aprons are adjustable and Alice makes them in a variety of beautiful fabrics.

There are so many thoughtful gift ideas at Sewing from the Heart. Those who shop there will receive personalized attention and reasonably priced quality products while supporting a home based Catholic business. Go check it out!

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