July 11th, 2017

[podcast] 6 Things to Say More Often #079

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This week we are talking about 6 things I think people should say more often. The ideas I share are:

1) Thank you.
Not just to show our appreciation and gratitude toward others, but to be more gracious and accepting when someone compliments you. Don’t reject compliments or try to negate them! Just say THANK YOU.

2) I’m sorry.
Good apologies or even just commiseration r the stuff that real relationships are built on. Admit when you are wrong, even when it’ hard, get over your pride, and apologize. You only have improved relationships to gain from it! (Here is the podcast I did about apologies last year: How to Say Sorry Like You Mean It)

3) Hello!
Look up from your phone, stop being so busy and distracted all the time, and truly connect with the human beings God places in our days. Say hello to the clerk at the check out, to others in line, to people you pass on the street, or to someone in your community who might be a new friend for you.

4) You’re great.
Or I love you, I like you, you did a great job, or I believe in you. We all have opportunities in our lives to be more encouraging and affirming of others. Point out the things that others do right or do well and you will be a blessing and an encouragement to them!

5) I need help.
So hard to say this sometimes, isn’t it? Why do we feel compelled to pretend we can do all the things all on our own? Well, whatever the reason, it’s time to stop. You will only wind up angry, resentful, and overwhelmed. Admit that you can’t do it all and ask for the help you need — nicely of course!

6) Nothing.
Sometimes the most important thing you can say is nothing at all. You do not always have to defend yourself, excuse yourself, and explain yourself. You do not always have to have the last word, and you do not always need to share your unsolicited opinion or advice. Just keeping quiet can be a great gift to yourself and others around you. Think before you speak!

Finally, we hear from Tracy who emailed me to ask my opinion of the Wonder Woman movie. I share my thoughts, but also want to hear yours. Have you seen it? Did you love it? What made it great?

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