October 18th, 2008

Saturday Sarah Fix

Over at Pondered in My Heart, Kimberlee has turned the blog over to her husband who offers an inspiring account of their day spent at a Sarah Palin rally in Pennsylvania.

Go read the whole thing — the pictures of the crowds and of Eliza (their beautiful daughter with Down syndrome) dancing around the stadium are more than worth the click.

I do have one problem with the post, however. I suppose this is just one of the risks you take when you allow a man to do the Sarah-blogging.

Do you see this photo?

Do you see that the single most important detail has been cut out of the picture? In case you are a man, I will spell it out for you:

It’s the apparently killer pair of boots that Governor Palin is wearing.

I ask you: Do we not get a photo of the boots?

I YouTubed for the boots and found a pair she wore in Omaha. Not bad, but I am serious about my politics. I want to know about Pennsylvania.

Anyone? Anyone?

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