Savory Beef Stew

1/2 cup flour
1 tsp salt
2 pounds lean beef stew meat, cut into 1 inch cubes
4 bacon strips, cut into 1 inch pieces
2 cups cranberry juice, divided
1 can (14 ounces) beef broth
4 whole cloves
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp dried marjoram
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp garlic powder
5 medium carrots cut into chunks
5 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 cups frozen peas, thawed

Combine flour and salt; coat beef cubes. Reserve remaining flour mixture. Place beef in a Dutch oven. Add bacon. Bake, uncovered, at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Add 1 1/2 cups cranberry juice, broth, and seasonings. Cover and bakes at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Add carrots and potatoes; bake 1 hour more or until beef and vegetables are tender. Combine reserved flour mixture and remaining cranberry juice and mix until smooth.; stir into stew. Cover and bake 30 minutes longer. Remove bay leaf. Add peas and return to the oven for 5 minutes.
Yield: 10 servings