April 30th, 2010

Ready for a Weekend Daybook

Outside my window … Well, it’s been snowing (I am not kidding!) on and off for the past couple of days, but the weatherman assures me we’ll have beautiful, warmer, more seasonally appropriate days for the weekend. I’ll take that.

I am thinking … that I should mop more often. When I wake up to clean floors, I’m pretty sure nothing can possibly go wrong in my day … right?

I am thankful for … Jesus. There is so much turmoil in our Church. I keep reminding myself that even if all else falls apart, Jesus is Jesus. His Church is His Church.

I am hoping … to get back into an exercise routine. It’s the dumbest thing. I need a new pair of sneakers. Until I finally make the effort to get to the store to buy a pair, I have put my regular work outs on hold. But I don’t seem to be making it a priority to get to the store. Must … end … stupid … cycle …

On my mind … the Faith & Family Mom’s Day Away (sponsored by the generous folks at BibleToys.com). We’ve had a great response to the announcement of this first-ever LIVE and in-person Faith & Family event. I hope I’ll get to meet you there too!

Noticing that … if I avoid reading/watching the news for a few days, small important things take the place of “ugliness” in my head. Like Daniel’s monster truck collection that he arranges, sorts, and line up just-so on the wood floors. Like Gabby’s “school” that she sets up — complete with desks, chalk, and stuffed animal pupils — in the living room. Like big kids who are growing, changing, and trying out new “opinions” daily. Sweet things. Good things. Peace.

A few plans for the week(end) … Friends are visiting! Thank you, God, for good girl friends.

From the kitchen … I might have a little plan for making brownie sundaes and having a girls-only showing of Pride and Prejudice … or something scandalous like that.

Around the house … there is one closet that hangs heavy in my mind. It’s an overstuffed one, filled with clothing we could probably part with and books we have no shelf space for … Soon!

One of my favorite things … Daniel’s 3-year-old faith. Last night, he got out of bed and asked Dan if he could “keep God by his bed.” It took a bit of questioning, but we finally determined that he meant he wanted a crucifix hung near his pillow. We could do that. When I checked on him sleeping before I went to bed myself, there he lay, sleeping peacefully, with Jesus by his head. This, I thought, is the childlike faith Christ tells us to have. Just keep Him close and trust that everything else will fall into place. We should all have such sweet, firm faith as that.

A picture I am sharing … a springtime self-portrait by Juliette, who takes more pictures than I do these days.


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