January 27th, 2012

Quick Takes, Snowy Weekend

— 1 —
Phone Covers

I have a bad habit of buying fancy covers for my cell phone. The latest is this one. See? Pretty? I feel better having shared this with you.

— 2 —
Great Outdoors

I have never been, but I am determined to go cross country skiing. Seems like I should do something fun with the white stuff that piles up outside this time of year. I’ve been researching and it looks like I can rent equipment for a reasonable price to try it out at some nearby trails. Also snowshoeing? That looks pretty cool too. Any experienced skiers/snowshoers care to share some advice or recommendations?

— 3 —
Anonymous Wine

I am not complaining, but someone sent me some wine. A giant crate of really good stuff (plus a fancy opener) was delivered here to my name yesterday … with no card. If you were the very nice person who did this, please let me know so I can properly thank you. Meantime, CHEERS!

— 4 —

Have I mentioned that I will be at the Behold Conference this year? Well, I will be. I am really looking forward to meeting old friends and new. With so many friendly and familiar faces confirmed attendees already, this is sure to be an event quite like our Mom’s Day Away with Faith & Family last year. Maybe you could consider making the trip too? We would love to see you there!

— 5 —
New England Catholic Homeschool Conference

Speaking of conferences, I will also be speaking at the New England Catholic Homeschool Conference in Methuen, Massachusetts this year. Have you registered yet? It’s a really large and vibrant event, worth attending for the vendors alone!

— 6 —
Great Little Video

I am shamelessly stealing this one from Jen’s Quick Takes at ConversionDiary. It’s a great (very short) video featuring Kimberly Hahn that really offers a great way to look at our life. Watch it. I promise you will get something out of it.

— 7 —
Sounds of Pixar

Gabby got this CD of Pixar songs for Christmas. She has been playing it every day and I am surprised by how pleasant these songs are in the background of our daily life. So many of them call to mind some of our favorite family movies and characters.

5 comments to Quick Takes, Snowy Weekend

  • What a beautiful skit! I heard of this skit for the first time on her study based on the book by Holly Pierlot: A mother’s rule of life in the domestic church. I listened to the CDs while commuting to work.

  • Can I encourage you? Get outdoors and enjoy the snow – cross country or downhill – skiing (or boarding) just makes winter so much more fun, and skiing may soon turn into a favorite family activity!

  • Great XC skiing in Jackson, NH! See here: http://www.jacksonxc.org/ I did it for many years with my youngest son while the older ones were at school. It was also a great ‘date” with hubby!

    Downhill skiing, while pricey to buy into, was a most excellent way to share an activity with our teenagers, and going in the mid week when there were special discounts made it more affordable.

    Hope you get to try it!

  • I know this comes a little late, but I would heartily recommend cross-country skiing as a great way to enjoy the snowy outdoors. Snowshoeing, however, I find really tedious.

  • Margaret Kane

    Loved the “Great Little Video”, gave me a new perspective, thank you for that 🙂

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