December 30th, 2011

Quick Takes, Happy New Year

— 1 —

Are you making any? I can’t decide if I want to or not. I’m not usually motivated to make life-changing kinds of commitments until Lent anyway. That buys me more than two months to make up my mind. Perfect!

— 2 —
The Gist

Have I mentioned The Gist here yet? I have? Oh. That’s probably because I am all kinds of excited about it premiering next Wednesday morning. Make sure you check in at Faith & Family Live to join us for live chat during the show (Wednesday, January 4, beginning at 10:15 am EST).

— 3 —

They are taking over my face. Is it stress? Is it hormones? Is it the Christmas fudge? SOMEBODY! HELP!

— 4 —
Le Sigh for New Year’s

We had such fabulous plans for New Year’s Eve. I was really looking forward my brother and sister and her family visiting us for the weekend. But then some of us started throwing up and all the plans got cancelled. I am doing my best to not wallow in disappointment. We will be making gingerbread houses, ordering Chinese food and toasting the New Year with just the ten of us this year. When I write those words — just the ten of us — the ridiculousness of my disappointment becomes clear. I miss my extended family, but we are our own party.

— 5 —

I have no cell phone these days. Well, actually, I do have a cell phone that we pay lots of money for each month, but I can’t seem to keep it charged. You see, I can’t find my wall charger and using my car charger is soooo inconvenient when it’s 15 degrees outside.

I just can’t bring myself to buy a new wall charger because to do so would be to admit that I did in fact forget my charger in a hotel room AGAIN. And I did not do that. Do you hear me? I did NOT. I’m sure it’s here somewhere and I will find it, just as soon as I search my empty suitcase for the twelfth time or dump the contents of that purse I haven’t used since July. Because I did not forget it in a hotel again. I did NOT.

— 6 —
Gold Rush

Do you watch the show? Dan and I watch sometimes and find ourselves yelling things at the screen like “Get a real job!” and “Give up, already!” But this kid and his relationship with his grandfather make me tear up. I really like that some kids and some families are still sweet and close like that.

— 7 —
Blessings to You

Thank you for being here. May God shower you and yours with many blessings in 2012!

4 comments to Quick Takes, Happy New Year

  • I do the same thing! We yell at those guys every week. What are they doing?
    Your comment about being your own party kind of made me cry. My hubby and I were just missing days gone by when we went out for New Year’s. Then we remembered 3 kids in 3 years is a everyday party! We’ll be taking the whole family to a pizza joint in town that is letting ballons go at 5pm 🙂
    Blessings for the New Year. Can’t wait for The Gist!

  • The kids asked if we would be having a party this year, and I said, “Yes! A Party of 8!” They weren’t impressed. Oh, well. I’m ready for a quiet evening.

  • So, I read that last line as “May you get a shower…” and decided that my time at the computer is up. Talk later? Guess I should call the house and not your cell?

  • Charlotte

    Thank you Danielle for wishing us God’s blessings for 2012!
    We will be spending News Years Eve with our married son and his family after attending Saturday evening Mass. It’s a joy to be inside on such a cold evening and spending time with our family.
    May God send His choicest blessings to you and your family for the New Year!

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