April 10th, 2018

[podcast] Why You Procrastinate (and how to stop) #116

Do you procrastinate? Join the club! But don’t let yourself wallow there in that bad habit. There are things we can all do to get over our tendency to put off work we don’t enjoy. This week, I’m sharing some simple ideas for breaking the habit of procrastination.

1. Eat the frog
There is a great book by this name, by Brian Tracy. It means to do your most difficult task of the day FIRST before you have any excuses or distractions to keep you from it.

2. Do just a little bit
Give yourself permission to just get started on a small part of a larger task. It will feel less overwhelming that way!

3. Change your self talk
Do you have a bad habit of speaking negatively to and about yourself? Turn that around with positive statements: I can. I will. I choose.

4. Remember: Done over perfect
Deadlines are important, so give yourself one! A completed project is so much better than the “perfect” one you never finish.

5. Reward yourself!
Tell yourself that when you have done the thing you are putting off, you will get a treat at the store, a fancy coffee, you will get to take a nap, or you can watch something on Netflix. Figure out what motivates you and give yourself small rewards for getting stuff done.

This week, I also share a question from listener Kristin who asks about giving each of your children he tie and attention they need in a large and growing family.

Tune in and share your thoughts!

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