August 8th, 2016

[podcast] How to Say Sorry Like You Mean It #032

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This week we are talking about right and wrong ways to make an apology to someone you have hurt. I share some examples of what I think are “fake” apologies — those where you make excuses for yourself, refuse to take actual blame, or accuse the other person of wrongdoing. Then I go on to share what I think is the anatomy of a “good” and “real” apology:

1) Express sorrow.
2) Admit it’s your fault.
3) Offer to make up for it.
4) Promise to do better.

Of course we won’t always be perfect in our apologies and we should not demand perfection from people who apologize to us, but there is always room for improvement. I think it’s helpful to think the process of apologizing and forgiving through so that we can get better at healing and improving our relationships with others — from your marriage to your workplace.

This week I share an inspiring conversation I had with author/publisher/mom Regina Doman. She shares some beautiful testimony of the way God has worked in her life and also a moving prayer she has composed in the wake of her young son’s tragic death:

I do not ask You to keep my children safe
I do not ask You to keep my children healthy
I do not ask You to make them happy, or rich, or successful.
I only ask You to fill them with an incredible, reckless love
for you, Jesus Christ,
because then they will be safe
and they will be healthy
and then they will be happy, rich, and successful
in the only thing that really matters
in this life and the next.

Regina’s website
Joshua’s memorial page
Regina’s publishing company
Regina’s books on Amazon
The author Regina mentions in her lightning round: Stephanie Landsem

Listener Annemarie calls in with a cute story about her baby at nap time, and the joys of learning to find peace in the midst of chaos. 🙂

As always, I am so grateful for your presence here. God bless your week!

Girlfriends is on Patreon! Find out how you can pledge your support for Girlfriends at

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1 comment to [podcast] How to Say Sorry Like You Mean It #032

  • Barbara

    I just had to share an apology I received. Several years ago my then 12 year old son passed gas at the dinner table. He thought it was funny and so did the 5 younger siblings who heard it. My husband and I thought it was a good time for an important lesson on manners, so we sent him to his room to write an apology. He comes back with this: “Please excuse my incontamible, disturbingly rude, impolite body function in which I’m most sorry for being made public.” (I love that he thought he knew big words a.k.a. incontamible!) It was so over the top that I kept it on my kitchen bulletin board for the past 5 years. God bless you! I’ve followed you throughout our mothering years, and it has brought me many laughs and tears of thankfulness for these blessings from God, our children.

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