March 14th, 2016

[podcast] Notes From a Sickie #011

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In this week’s abbreviated version of Girlfriends, I share with you notes from my sick bed, as I have been suffering from the FLU this past week, and am still not fully recovered. Along with some silly observations, I do want to remind us all of the importance of praying for those who are chronically ill. Also, it is important to remember the power of “offering up” even our small sufferings and sacrifices, uniting them with the suffering of Jesus, so that they become infinitely worthy in God’s eyes, and powerful in our own life.

In this week’s interview, we talk with Maria Johnson. Maria shares humbly and beautifully from her experience as a teacher and mom for many years. She is such a voice of peace, empowerment, and wisdom, I just know anxious, young moms are going to cling to her every word. And speaking of words, you don’t want to miss the bad one she makes me say, or the “insider” information she shares about her buddy, Pope Francis.

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All about Maria’s selfie with Pope Francis!

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