June 20th, 2016

[podcast] Make Time for What Matters #025

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This week we are talking about how to find more time in your days for the things you want to accomplish but never seem to get around to. Summer offers a unique opportunity to get new things accomplished as we change routines and enjoy some leisure time. What are your goals for this summer? Here are my tips to help you:

1. Plan ahead.
Make a schedule to see where you have time in your day for different tasks and what opportunities there are for accomplishing new projects. Writing it down helps you see your responsibilities and prioritize.

2. Turn off the TV
Or Facebook,or whatever is distracting you and wasting your time. When you remove distractions and time-wasters from your day, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

3. Set a timer.
Big projects can be broken up into smaller ones. Large commitments can be accomplished just 20 minutes at a time. I find that setting a timer keeps me focused on a single task and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by larger projects.

4. Sacrifice sleep.
This can be a temporary help to finishing an important project. Either getting up earlier or staying up later than you normally do can be a simple way to “find” more time in your day. Of course, I do not recommend sacrificing sleep over the long term, but as long as you do manage to get enough rest, working when everyone else is asleep can be a great way to focus.

5. Enlist help.
Do you have access to childcare or house cleaning help? What creative ways could you get the help you need to focus on an important project. the bonus is, when you have time devoted in this way, you will be more inclined to focus on the task at hand. Babysitter is only available for 2 hours? Get moving!

This week I share a great conversation I had with writer/mom/podcaster/event planner Heather Renshaw. Heather shares about learning from marriage and motherhood, her love of sociology, her wild taste in music, and more. You won’t want to miss all that this beautiful mom has to share.

Heather’s website: Real Catholic Mom
Heather on Twitter
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The Visitation Project

Heather’s music recommendation: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Thank you to Dena who shares about her upcoming move and the de-cluttering she is doing to get ready for it. Dena is also supporter of Girlfriends through Patreon. If you would like to leave a review and subscribe on iTunes, I would be so grateful!

Sarah Reinhard calls in to recommend Dying for Revenge for a summer read. Thank you, Sarah! And thank you for using Voxer!

My friend Marie shares that she is enjoying her parish group study of Momnipotent as she reads the book. You will love her son’s observation about his mom, too! 😉

As always, I am so grateful for your presence here. God bless your week!

Girlfriends is on Patreon! Find out how you can pledge your support for Girlfriends at Patreon.com/Girlfriends

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