March 28th, 2016

[podcast] Easy Ways to Improve Your Marriage #013

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This week, we are talking about ways to improve our marriages. My title is a little wrong because the ways I share for improving your marriage may not necessarily be “easy,” but they are simple.

Give up negativity.
Do you tend to have negative interactions and conversations with your husband? It’s an easy habit to fall into, but don’t be a downer! Look for ways to have positive conversations with your husband and to avoid whining, complaining, and focusing on the bad stuff.

Be active together.
Think of ways that the two of you can share a project together when you have time alone. When we share tasks, common goals bring us together and make feel part of the same “team.” Find a simple thing the two of you can work on together in a positive way.

Do more than your share.
Stop keeping score of who does what and what is “fair” with regard to household chores. Give up the idea that everything in marriage is supposed to be 50/50. It never will be and life is not fair! Give yourself the peace of mind and heart that come from letting go of fairness and looking to give generously inside of your relationship.

Use the power of prayer.
Praying with your spouse is a powerful way to grow spiritually and personally inside of your relationship, but even if you and your husband aren’t there yet, you can use prayer to improve your marriage by praying FOR your husband daily. Also powerful are the small ways that we can offer up marital sacrifices and inconveniences for the benefit of our relationships. Grow closer to Jesus while praying for your husband and asking for healing in your marriage.

In this week’s interview I talk with author/blogger Jeannie Ewing who writes and shares from the unique perspective of a mom with two beautiful daughters who have special needs. Jeannie shares from the heart about her experiences as a mom, her writing goals, and ways in which she had grown both personally and professionally over the years.

This week’s Girlfriends Shout-out goes to listener Claire who wrote to share about working on being faithful to a daily routine with regard to housework, meals, and caring for kids.

This week’s challenge is to think about the ways of improving your marriage that we talked bout. pick one that speaks to you especially and focus on it in the coming week. Look for ways to improve your marriage, making one small change, each day this week. Then let me know how you do!


I am still looking for questions for a fun new project I am working on related to the podcast. What do you want to know? About my life, my work, my opinions,? Ask me anything! You can leave questions here or email me any time. Thank you! If you have a moment, please fill out this brief form to share your opinion about Girlfriends. Don’t be shy! It’s anonymous, and your feedback is so helpful to me!

Thank you, as always, for being here. Your encouragement and support of Girlfriends means so much and I am so grateful for your presence here. God bless your week!

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2 comments to [podcast] Easy Ways to Improve Your Marriage #013

  • This is probably my fav so far- I can’t wait for the family shared chore podcast….I do struggle with how little my spouse is doing! And I feel bad because I love him SO MUCH!! But I struggle here!!! I sometimes act like that martyr!!!!

  • Thanks Amy! I think it’s pretty common to struggle with this issue as I have heard from a number of women saying very similar things. I will do that show soon!

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