February 16th, 2016

[podcast] Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life #007

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This week, we are talking about the power of positive thinking. In discussing the ways in which changing our thoughts can change our lives, we look at three main points:

1) Thoughts have consequences.
Thoughts are powerful. The way we allow ourselves to think can affect our emotions, which then in turn can affect our actions, all of which affect our relationships and our levels of happiness and satisfaction in life. But the good news is, we get to control our thoughts. We can make a conscious effort to change negative thoughts into positive ones, and to challenge and think critically about the ways we talk to and about ourselves.

2) Switch to gratitude.
When faced with a challenge, make an effort to look at the situation from the perspective of gratitude. Despite a negative situation, what can you find to be thankful for? Making this simple change can make a huge difference in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Get grateful!

3) Be bigger than your problems.
When facing a problem, do you tend to feel overwhelmed and helpless? Making a small change toward having a more global perspective can help you see that you are not a victim of your circumstances and that you have more power in your relationships than you might think. Looking at the “big picture” can help you see that it’s not always all about you and that sometimes people disappoint us or bad things happen, but it has nothing to do with us. We cannot always control our circumstances, but we have the power to choose how we will respond, even to very negative events.

In this week’s interview, I talk wth Allison Gingras, radio talk show host from A Seeking Heart at Breadbox Media. Allison shares some inspiring thoughts about her ministry work, some marriage advice, and some ideas for taking care of ourselves so we can better care for others. Also, you will not want to miss when Allison reveals a secret hidden talent — a first for Girlfriends!

This week’s Girlfriends Shout-out goes to Beth Roche who wrote to share how her family is adjusting to her being home full time after leaving a full time job outside the home. Way to go, Beth! We are proud of you!

This week’s challenge is to think about the things we discussed about positive thinking, and to catch yourself either thinking a negative thought or tempted to think a negative thought this week. Intervene in one of the ways we talked about instead, and then let me know how it goes for you. Tell me how you work at using the power of positive thinking in your life.

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And thank you, as always, for being here. Your encouragement and support of Girlfriends means so much and I am so grateful for your presence here. God bless your week!

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