May 8th, 2017

[podcast] Change Just One Habit #070

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This week, we are talking about the power of habits. I am inspired by a recent book I am listening to, The Power of Habit: Why we Do What We Do in Life and Business. I want to encourage you to change one negative habit into a positive one in your life. We discuss some ideas for ways to challenge ourselves to do better in one these categories:

1) Health and Wellness
2) Relationships
3) Work
4) Spiritual Life

And then we discuss some ways to increase our chances of succeeding in changing our habits. These include:

1) Hold ourselves accountable.
Find a way to include others in your new habit so you will feel pressure to continue.

2) Set a time limit on your personal challenge.
Especially when we feel it is hard and overwhelming, setting a time limit on the challenge can encourage us to keep it up until it gets just a little bit easier.

3) Use the word “BUT” to control negative thoughts.
Allow yourself to be negative if you must, but don’t stay there. Add the word BUT to the end of your negative thought and turn it into a focus on the positive.

4) Get rid of temptations and distractions.
Make your new habit, by default, the “easiest” thing to do. Make breaking your new habit very inconvenient.

5) Track your progress.
Whether it’s keeping a journal or crossing days off the calendar, having a tangible way to see your progress will encourage you to continue.

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