February 14th, 2013

Own a part of Church history

I just know you won’t want to miss out on this beautiful way to remember Benedict XVI and his legacy of service and love.

Catholic Digest’s commemorative edition, Benedict XVI: Faithful Servant, Courageous Pope, is a stunning, 8″x11″ – 56-page, special tribute that includes vivid photography, celebrated moments from the life of Pope Benedict XVI, and reflections about our beloved Papa, including farewell letters and drawings from children! This commemorative edition is a gorgeous and inspiring keepsake.

At only $4.95 this booklet is a bargain and it would make a great Easter gift for yourself or anyone you love. Order your copy today.

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  • wow just $5-that is great! I will buy a few of them for Easter as you suggest. i love your writing.

  • They not only allow youTo get better DPS

  • The Flash

    Hi there and God Bless. Very sorry to spring this on you but we have a very serious situation here! Ron Conte, I’m sure you’ve heard of him. Don’t listen to this man who mixes truth with lies!! He has made it very clear by flooding the internet and telling millions upon millions not to read or listen to or believe the messages from Jesus to Sadie Jaramillo and John Leary.

    Ron Conte has made it clear that this is a FALSE JESUS!! …God The Father wants this guy exposed BIGTIME AND I MEAN BIGTIME!! sorry, you will soon see why…

    Oh, and u won’t be able to contact me.

    The Hopi Indians have been waiting for the Blue Star! they also believe strongly in the bible. They say when the Blue Star arrives it will bring a Great AWAKENING and Great Purification, the same as our Warning and Chastisement.

    “The Blue Star”
    March 22nd, 2013

    The following visions were given to me during the rosary at the Marian Movement of Priests cenacle (March 22nd) , and the message was given to me after receiving the Eucharist April 14th):

    I was shown over several consecutive weekly MMP cenacle’s, a pair of scales….evenly balanced at first..then one side suddenly went down very quickly…..and next I saw a huge hammer slam down on the scale that was weighted down…which was symbolic of the sins weighing down the scale of course …..the hammer symbolic of God’s justice….I was told..that our infrastructure will go down soon.

    Then it was as if I was “flying” (for lack of better description) behind a comet…only this comet had blue tinges around the edges..and was actually blue….and it had a blue tail…..and I heard…”the blue star will be upon you soon….” I have been shown this comet many years ago….but tonight is the first time Jesus has called it “blue star”…. I have never been given a name for this comet….so I was quite taken aback.

    In the blackness of space this ball of (seemingly like) fire, the comet, the heavenly body passing very, very close to earth……but this time it was as if I was in a field, and I was actually hoeing weeds, then I look over to my left and I see this heavenly body pass on the horizon, not falling to earth, but “passing by”……then there were scenes of intense devastation, having come from earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, magma, tsunamis, wind….very high winds….it was if the trees were almost bent in two……

    Then I “felt” more than heard the thunder that will accompany the passing of this comet; this thunder will be a sign of the approaching moment when we will be oblivious of any person around us as we experience the illumination of our consciences; a moment in time that will stop as each person experiences it at the very same time; it will be like our “particular” judgment, that judgment every soul goes through at death. We will be shown everything as a movie. I am sure you have heard and read many “after death” experiences of people coming back and sharing that their life “passed before them”….that is what we will experience. ”

    Another statement by “Sadie Jaramillo”

    Message to John Leary

    October 8, 1999

    Jesus said: “My people, you will see a major celestial event when a part of a comet will effect the earth, but not the final chastisement. Many will be frightened by this event, but it will coincide with My Warning experience. As you all see your sins and how I would judge you, some may be frightened also to see their judgment in how you offended Me. Everyone will be given a knowledge of My love and a new sense of right and wrong according to My ways. You will be given a second chance to reform your lives and make your souls right with Me in Confession. Those, that do not heed this Warning and follow the Antichrist, will be led down the broad road to hell. Focus your love on Me in My Real Presence of the Host, and you will have the strength to endure the coming tribulation.”

    June 26 2013
    Jesus said: “My people, awhile ago I gave you a message about the coming Ison comet as a sign of the Warning. Today, I am telling you that this comet is not only a sign, but it is an omen of bad things coming such as the evil of the Antichrist in the tribulation. You are seeing signs of war, signs of financial instability, and signs of riots in various countries. My faithful need to have all of their preparations ready for when you will have to leave for My refuges. My refuge builders also need to put the finishing touches on their preparations for food, water, and bedding that will be shared with My pilgrims. My faithful should think of themselves as pilgrims because they are coming to a place of holy ground where there will be perpetual Adoration at every refuge. They will have My angels protecting them, and they will be healed of all of their health problems when they look upon My luminous cross in the sky.”

    May 7 2013..Jesus said: “My people, some of you are aware of the Ison Comet that will come close to the earth around November and December. I showed you this in an earlier message, but I did not mention the significance of this comet. Your astronomers are telling you that this comet will appear as brighter than a full moon. I told you that the meteor over Russia was a sign of a war coming. Now you are seeing how Israel is protecting itself by a second bombing of potential missiles in Syria that were headed to Hamas. I also gave you a sign of the coming financial problems after Pope Francis was elected. Now, I am telling you that this comet is a sign of the coming Warning. I will not give a date for the Warning, but I have told you many times that it is close. In the vision of the circling stars, you could tell that this was connected to the Warning. Once the Warning occurs, events will be moving quickly to allow the Antichrist to come into power. My faithful need to have your backpacks, tents, and sleeping blankets ready for when you will have to leave for the safety of My refuges. Have trust and faith that I will protect My faithful from the evil ones.”

    October 16, 2006:

    Jesus said: “My people, I have warned all of you to have your spiritual life in order, so that you will have a clean soul when I call you home. You have heard rumors of an object coming to strike the earth, but I am telling you that it will not hit the earth. Seeing comets or asteroids coming close to the earth could be a little unsettling, but do not worry because this time of destruction is not yet. It would be good to investigate all such rumors to see if they are really true, or just meant to scare the people. Signs and information of such a drastic event will be given to more than one individual, even though the media will ignore it. I have told you that a frightful comet will appear in the sky on the
    day of the Warning. Keep a watch on the skies as a sign of the coming Warning experience. Many signs and indications of the coming Warning are already around you. Trust in My grace and help to endure this trial, no matter what happens.”

    June 22, 2005:

    Jesus said: “My people, I have told you to watch the skies for signs or omens of things to come. I have told you also that the comet of chastisement, that would end the tribulation, is already on its way. The vision of this white object coming towards the earth is the sign that will frighten many on the day of the Warning. I am not giving any date for the Warning, but this sign will arrive before the great chastisement. Many are searching for dates or signs of when the Warning will occur, but it is not important to know of this date. Some are already searching for when objects will come close to the earth, and for dates of the eclipses of the sun. My Warning will be a mercy for all souls to improve your spiritual lives after you feel how much you have offended Me with your sins. Be ready to evangelize these souls because it may be their last chance to be saved.”

    John Leary (yet-to-be-approved by the Church)

    July 20, 1999:
    Jesus said: “My people, you have prided yourselves in your accomplishment of placing a man on the moon. Man has been puffed up by his many advances in science, but you will see that this is nothing in the face of My awesome creation of the universe. I call your attention to the many signs you have seen in the skies and to be watching for more in the future. I have witnessed to you in the latest comet that each of you could see, that this was a sign of the coming Antichrist. I have also forewarned you that you would see a major sign in the sky at the time of My Warning. Still further you are seeing in vision the coming comet of chastisement that will bring about My triumph over evil. Your chastisement is already hurdling toward the earth and your scientists will be warning you when it arrives. This will cause the three days of darkness and it shows you how quickly Satan’s time is about to end. You are living in times that many have yearned to see because My coming, announced by My mother Mary, is very close. I will come in glory on the clouds and I will separate the evil ones from My faithful and you will witness My New Jerusalem.”

    January 14, 1999
    Jesus said: “My people, I have told you many times to look to the skies for the signs of your times. Many heavenly bodies have traversed your skies giving you signs, if you were attentive to them. I have shown you many comets and changes in the stars. The colors of the sky also will foreshadow the events of the Tribulation. Look for your comet of chastisement, for it will soon be visible and recognized by all. You have explored the planets and stars for your own gain, but you fail to see how My Scriptures will be fulfilled in these signs of things to come.”

    August 19, 1999:
    Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that the people of the end days will be as evil as it was in the days of Noah. Because the evil of your ways has not changed, you will see swift destruction once again. It will not be a flood that you will face, but flames out of heaven in the form of a comet. This is the final chastisement which is already on its way to your planet. Your scientists will not be able to prevent My intended chastisement. Prepare your souls, My people, because your time is not far from My judgment. You will see Me come on the clouds to separate the evil ones from My faithful. Rejoice, My faithful, that you are chosen to be saved.”

    March 29, 2001:
    Jesus said: “My people, there are secret projects going on to deal with the coming comet of chastisement. These proceedings are being kept secret from everyone so they could evaluate what steps to take. All of man’s attempts to stop this comet will be thwarted by My angels. I will not let you interfere with My judgments and the history of man as I have willed it. When you see the three days of darkness, you will witness to My victory over evil. This will be the same time when I will cleanse all evil from the earth. Rejoice that My second coming is not far off.”

    November 9, 2000:
    Jesus said: “My people, My coming chastisement of the world is not something to take lightly. Many think that with your technology and missiles that you will be able to stop this chastisement. I tell you that what I have planned will occur as My angels will interfere with any of your attempts to deter My plan. I will bring My three days of darkness over the earth as the evil ones will be cast into hell and My faithful will live in My glory.”

    August 24, 1999:
    Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this comet up close because this will be the means of My triumph against evil. Many of your scientists know of its coming, but they are keeping it secret to prevent a panic. The only warning, you will receive, will come from amateur astronomers not sworn to secrecy. Even the news networks will not carry this story until it is about to hit the earth. Man will try to alter its path, but what I have intended will not be destroyed. Prepare your souls so you are always ready to meet Me at your judgment. You do not know the hour of My triumph, but it is not far off. Now is the time to repent of your sins to the priest in Confession. Even non-Catholics can come to Me through the understanding of My Warning. As you see the events bringing the Antichrist to power, you will know how soon evil will be vanquished. As the Antichrist gains control of the world, he will quickly lose his reign. The evil ones will suffer on earth and then they will be chained in hell. My faithful can look forward to their reward in My coming Era of Peace. Do not be fearful of these cataclysmic days, but rejoice that evil will be removed off the earth.”

    June 14, 2002:
    Jesus said: “My people, you have seen evidence of comets and asteroids flying into your planets. Your space station and your laser weapons are being put in place to try and destroy or alter the course of any object that may impact the earth. Even though you are using all of your modern guidance equipment, My heavenly chastisement will not be deterred from its planned orbit because My angels will misdirect any of your attempts to stop it. All of your knowledge will be confounded as all evil will be destroyed according to My plan. Pray for your deliverance in this time of tribulation, for you know of My coming victory and how all of the evil ones will be chained in hell. I love all of My children and you will see Me fight for you as I defeated the Egyptian army at the Red Sea. Be grateful and thankful for all that I am doing for you now and in the future.”

    ”March 17, 2004:
    Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing daily temptations from the devil now, but this is not nearly as evil as when the tribulation will begin. At the time of the Antichrist you will
    see all of the demons unleashed from hell. Without My grace you will not be able to save your souls. So ask for My help during the tribulation to save yourselves and those around you. The evil ones will have a brief reign of less than three and a half years and then I will bring My Great Chastisement of a comet that will strike the earth in the Atlantic Ocean. Then I will cleanse the earth of all the evil people and the demons. The condemned souls will suffer a living hell on earth as I have shown you their bodies walking through fire without being consumed. I will have My angels cast these evil souls and the demons back into hell and they will be chained. Then I will renew the earth and My faithful will have their reward in My Era of Peace and in heaven. So do not fear these evil ones because I will protect your souls. Some people may be martyred and come to heaven sooner.”

    September 28, 1999:
    Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you visions of prepared caves before, but this one is lighted and tall inside and neatly carved by My angels. You will be drawn by your guardian angels to places of My miraculous protection during the tribulation. Know that I am watching out for all of My faithful in the least detail. You will see a religious persecution that will threaten the lives of My faithful and some will be martyred for My Name’s sake. Continue to pray for spiritual strength and be willing to go into hiding once the Antichrist is about to take over. You will not have to suffer long in My refuges, because the Antichrist will be defeated as he comes to full power in the world. Be watching for the coming comet of chastisement which will be My triumph over the Antichrist and Satan. Then all of the evil ones will be vanquished and removed from the face of the earth. Rejoice in My joy and peace as I will turn the world upside down.

    April 13, 2000:
    Jesus said: “My people, you will be witnessing wars between nations and war between man and nature. Now is the time to pray for peace and that these mass destruction weapons are not used. A stage will be set for the great Battle of Armageddon as all of the world’s armies will focus on the Middle East. This will be the moment right before My return in glory as My comet of chastisement will cause the three days of darkness that will throw all of the armies into confusion. My victory is close when you see the Antichrist take power all over the world.”

    February 1, 1999:
    Jesus said: “My people, you have heard of the legion of demons I cast out of the possessed man in the Gospel. I am showing you in this vision how the many demons in Hell will be unleashed onto the Earth to test mankind’s faith during the Tribulation. I told you that the evil of the Tribulation will be so severe, that you would not have to ask when is the Tribulation? It will be because demons were released, that you will need My help and that of your guardian angel in order to save your soul. Even though Evil will have its short reign, do not be fearful, since I will always be available for your protection. It will be a combination of evil men and these demons that will direct the battle of Armageddon against My holy angels and My faithful warriors. My triumphant comet of chastisement will then fall on the Earth confounding all the evil people with darkness. All the evil spirits and evil people, refusing My love, will be separated and chained in Hell. I will then bring about My New Heavens and New Earth as My Era of Peace will then reign over the Earth. Have hope and trust in My victory when I will cast the demons out and into Hell from which they came.”

    April 13, 2003:
    Jesus said: “My people, the hour of My death was the hour of darkness that covered the earth for a brief time when evil appeared to triumph. Yet in three days a bright light renewed the earth with My Resurrection. My apostles were overjoyed to see Me again as death could have no hold on Me. This is My victory over sin and death, and it was the beginning of the spread of the Christian faith all over the earth. Another hour of darkness will be coming during the tribulation of the reign of the Antichrist. It will again appear that evil will be victorious, but it will be a short reign before I come again in power and glory to cleanse the earth of all evil. I will triumph with the comet and the three days of darkness. Then I will renew the earth and My Light will dispel the darkness of evil once again in My Era of Peace. My Light of glory will then resurrect all of My faithful souls to heaven and there will be a great rejoicing.”

    May 6 1999:
    Jesus said: “My people a day is coming when My justice will be carried out on your world for their non-compromising sins. My comet of chastisement will be My triumph over Evil that no one will be able to defy. This event will end your Tribulation and will be the means by which I will cleanse the Earth again of all evil spirits and evil people. I will protect My Faithful through all of this disaster. The Unfaithful will suffer dearly as they will all be cast into Hell. All of the warning messages, I have given you, are in preparation for My glorious coming. Your must repent now of your sins before My hand falls against the evil of the Earth. A time of Tribulation will come about, but My power will quickly vanquish Satan and his demons. The Evil of your world has gone beyond the point of no return as in the time of Noah. Prepare your spiritual lives and be ready to receive Me as I will come in triumph.”
    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria


    How close to this generation is the Great Warning! And how many of you do not even know what the great Warning is! The Warning is not a fantasy. Humanity must be purified so that it does not fall into the flames of hell. You will see yourselves and in that instant you will ache for not having believed.

    Message from Jesus to Luz de Maria


    I will tear the veil of ignominy and denial, with the WARNING. Everyone will be in My Presence in life and will see themselves without masks, every man will know that God exists.

    Message from Jesus to Luz de Maria


    My Mother pilgrimages without rest, and Her calls are not heard, but mocked and persecuted. The announcement of the Warning causes some human beings laughter, but this, children, is a truth, as My Mother’s Word that proclaims the Trinitarian decrees is true. When this happens, those who mocked this Divine decree will feel themselves be consumed in their own sin. We have called you to be aware of the seriousness of the moment in which you live. But like those who mocked Noah, so they will groan. The Warning, cosmic and spiritual, does not wait, and it will be fulfilled.

    Message from Jesus to Luz de Maria


    My People, My beloved People: the earth shakes before the eyes that remain blind. The Warning is a product of My infinite Mercy towards you. It is near. A series of events of natural origin ALREADY hangs over all the Earth.

    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria


    My beloved: Do not forget that time is not time, that you are headed towards the fulfillment of the great event in which all of My calls converge: the fulfillment of an Act of Trinitarian Mercy towards man in this instant that is: THE GREAT WARNING.

    Message from Jesus to Luz de María


    My Mother has announced to you throughout the whole world and through time, what today, YES is to come. I do not call you out of fear, rather out of LOVE. In the same way I gave myself for you, I will come with My Mercy to you internally, you shall see your actions even though you do not want to see them; you will feel the offenses even though you do not want to feel them. It will be a WARNING, within each human being; you will be alone with Me. This is the Love of the King that doesn’t want his own people to be lost, and He goes forward with His plan. I have trusted you with My Word. Announce it to your brother without fear. Today My People are heroes, courageous men who give their life for Me. My People know they struggle against the mundane; My people are enslaved and need to stand firm on its feet. That is why I won’t leave you alone, that is why I will come and those who have not believed, will be put to shame.

    Message from Jesus to Luz de María


    All that have been created moan with pains of childbirth upon seeing mankind’s destiny; and in that moan, My children will suffer so much that they will experience within (internally) their own sin, will feel their soul being ripped from the offenses against Our Home. All human creatures will experience the effects of their own deeds as an act of My great Mercy; even then, a great majority of Mine will continue to live their own sin.

    The Light will come to all at that moment, to free them from sin, but with My own pain and My Mother’s, you will continue with even greater force in the black sin, tempted by the evil one who will control your weak and unbelieving minds.

    Message from Jesus to Luz de María


    You are approaching the moment in which you will see within yourselves, you will see yourself internally and will experience the same hardheartedness with which you have scorn My calls. This will be an Act of Mercy of My House, for the whole of mankind.

    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria,


    Convert, repent, before the WARNING comes and the weight of sin makes you suffer to the very core of your entrails, ripping your soul apart when you find out the distance that you have created from God, by the lack of love and disobedience that you have lived continually.

    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria,


    THE EARTH EVOLVES AT THE SAME SPEED AS SIN, MEN IS MARKING HIS FUTURE. The attack on nature will continue to hurl down one after the other, and they are not but the beginning of the closeness of the WARNING; this will be the mean for humanity to stop and meditate before continuing with their life.

    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria,


    My Little Children: evil has taken body, mind, evil moves, and evil walks, and has attracted with celerity a WARNING that will come upon humanity. I call, but men do not heed, a sign must come down from Heaven for them to see within themselves the spiritual state in which they live. It will be painful, very painful, sadly the majority of them will return to their state of sin afterwards, and again the Divine Mercy will be force to see humanity again to save more souls.

    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Luz de Maria,


    “I CALL UPON YOU TO TELL YOU NOT TO BECOME WEARY OF GIVING TESTIMONY OF THE DIVINE LOVE THAT DWELLS IN YOU. TRUST IN GOD, IN HIS MERCY AND YOU SHALL SEE HIS GLORY. This is the moment to get on your knees; pray, pray and do not falter, because My Son will give you a great WARNING, prepare yourself for this great day of Mercy; prepare yourself because the evil one will be ready to ensnare the lukewarm that do not remain fortified. (*)

    My Little Children: you know that you have in your hands the key that will help you defeat all battles. THIS KEY IS “LOVE”; be living witnesses of the love of My Son; promptly repent, that this moment will not find you in sin. Many of your brothers will despair this day upon seeing the state of their sinfulness. Each one of you, My beloved children, will be alone with your conscience, each will be alone with their own spiritual state”…

    St. Edmund


    I have decreed a great day, in which a terrible Judgment will reveal the consciences of all men and they will be tested no matter what their religion may be. That day will be the day of change.


    The universal WARNING will be a cosmic event unprecedented in the history of humanity, a phenomenon of unknown nature to science; according to many seers it will be like switching on a LIGHT from the depth of the Cosmos, that comes directly from God and that will have a great repercussion on earth for approximately 20 minutes, it will be visible to the human eye but it will also be an invisible force that will stir the conscience of men, causing in human beings a great emotional, psychological and spiritual shock, nevertheless it will not produce any direct physical damage; however, it could very well be defined as “the last effort from heaven” so that humanity will have a clear conscience of God and of sin, broadening the spiritual dimension and the understanding of the MAGNITUDE of the distance we have created from God because of our sins.

    In other words, this universal Warning will be a great test for the conscience of humanity, it will not be, however, something that will alter the course of the catastrophic events that we must confront, rather it will be an opportunity to change our view concerning this reality, being able to gain from it immense spiritual benefits.

    This event extensively revealed by God to many of His instruments around the world, is not actually widely publicly known, which at the same time not quite believable by others; undoubtedly the reader will ask himself why is that something of such an enormous magnitude has remained silent? Perhaps the response is because it has not been linked neither to science (because it lacks tangible elements) nor to religion (because of its private revelation nature) which at the end remains solely on men of faith.

    Some of the messages given by Jesus and Blessed Mary through chosen souls all through the years explain or have given some knowledge in details regarding its nature, and the effects that the human race will experience and the time in which this great Warning of God to humanity will occur.

    It should be mentioned that this knowledge is given to chosen instruments in the form of internal locution, many times accompanied by visions and also in mystical forms, that is to say, to experience the event in its human nature – spiritual, feeling in this way the effects that the Warning will create, thus providing the knowledge of its true magnitude.

    Many revelations have been known from authentic seers regarding this great WARNING of God to humanity for some time now, but it all started with the apparitions of Garbandal, where this subject matter has been transmitted to the five continents, having been understood in a more extensive context. Let’s see now a brief synthesis of one of the most extraordinary Marian apparitions of history.

    Garabandal is a small and humble town situated in a mountainous zone in northern Spain where even to this day retains the marks left by the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the almost 3000 public apparitions between the years 1961 and 1965 to four girls between the ages of 11 and 12, Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Cruz and Mari Loli.

    There were many message and prophecies given to humanity by means of these girls; though it was the announcement of three great events of universal character that caused more impact at that time. These events have been announced by other seers and verified in other Marian apparitions and they are: THE WARNING, THE MIRACLE and THE CHASTISEMENT or Purification.

    According to the vision the girls said that this chastisement will be so immense as no other has been nor there will be in the face of the earth, it will affect the entire mankind, for that reason the universal WARNING and the MIRACLE will come beforehand to prepare us and it will be the final opportunity for conversion.

    THE MIRACLE at Garabandal will come shortly after the WARNING to confirm to the world that the WARNING came from God so there will be no doubt at all of its nature.

    The following are a few comments which were made by the main seer, Conchita Gonzalez, which at that time she was 16 years old:

    That this Warning is linked to a natural phenomenon; that this name exists in the dictionary and it starts with the letter “A”.

    That the Warning is something that comes directly from God and will be seen throughout the whole world at the same time.

    That it will be like a revelation of our sins and it will be seen and experienced by both the believers as non-believers and by people of all religions.

    That the Warning is like a cleansing of our sins in preparation for the Miracle.

    That is also a type of cataclysm, which will make us think of the dead; that is to say, that we would wish to be among the dead before experiencing the Warning.

    That this Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world, and for those who do not know Christ, that is, those who are not Christians will believe that it is a Warning from God.

    That the most important thing of that day will be that every one in the world will see a sign, a grace, or a chastisement within themselves. In other words: a Warning.

    That they will find themselves at that moment alone in the world, no matter where you might be, you will be by yourself with your conscience in the presence of God. You will see all of your sins and what your sins have caused.

    That each person will feel this event in a different way because it will depend on the individual’s conscience; since the sins are different from one person to another.

    The Warning will be linked to an astral phenomenon, as if two stars collided with each other; that this phenomenon will not cause physical damage; but it will frightened us, because in that precise moment we will see our souls and the damage we have done; it will feel as if we were dying, but we will not die because from it, although it is possible that we could die of fright or from the impression of seeing ourselves and what we are internally.

    These revelations given in that small village coincide with many others that have been given during a long period of time throughout the whole world having been able to verify that said WARNING will come as the final warning for humanity, which will be deeply submerged in a planetary crisis.

    The following is the story of the seer, Luz de Maria de Bonilla, who has been receiving these messages for over 17 years from Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother, prophesizing and warning humanity about dramatic events, many of which have been fulfilled with exactness, she counts with a group of priests that accompany her, she remains anonymous by Jesus’ mandate until He says that her identity be known publicly, nevertheless due to the celerity of the events many of the messages are made known to mankind by Our Lord’s consent.

    The following is the story that she conveys to us regarding her personal experience of what the Universal Warning will be like.

    “In a very special way, our Lord has given me to understand that a comet will come near the earth, all of humanity will see it, which will create panic and compel many people to go to confession, but not for repentance.

    In the sky there will appear a sign, “A CROSS” for several days, people with faith will feel the need to confess their sins, to repent; the remainder of the people will say that it was brought about by men and will turn against the Catholic Church, saying that it is a trick to frightened humanity.

    In the midst of this confusion and an earthquake the WARNING will come, which Our Lord has permitted me to experience part of it during Lent of the year 2008, on Holy Wednesday, which I describe as follows:

    I felt in my being anguish, as though something was coming closer to me, but I could not tell what it was…, like something frightful, something distressful that I couldn’t figure out, though I knew something was going to happen. It was something that made my heart beat rapidly.

    I was in this state for around 20 minutes; then the anxiousness began to increase, I started to feel as though my soul was leaving me, because little by little I felt a terrible loneliness that was not only filling my spiritual being, but my physical body as well. Then I felt a dreadful loneliness. The anxiety had me walking to and fro because each time the loneliness grew greater. I was totally aware that God was not in my being; my soul was desolated, anguished. I walked seeking consolation and could not find it; the loneliness, the emptiness was greater each time, until the point of feeling I was going out of my mind, my soul was left without God! And as in a movie, all the sins started to weave within me, perhaps the gravest that men could commit: I felt or I should say, was experiencing everything because I felt them as my own, I was living them. I felt what goes through the mind, through the heart, in the interior of the people who take their life.

    I experienced the suffering moments before those who take their life; I experienced what a baby feels when it is being aborted; I experienced the abuses of the human beings that are outraged; I experienced the drug addiction, prostitution. All sorts of sins started to pass one by one within my soul. It was a terrible wretchedness, I felt in my mind that I could not leave the house, because God had abandoned me, I was living “THE TOTAL ABSENCE OF GOD”. It is a terrifying emptiness, which nothing can fill; “here on earth men sin and repent, but the burden of the offense that sin causes is not felt because we have the presence of God.”

    I ambled desperately feeling God’s abandonment, it was really terrible and then I remembered that my husband did have God, so I looked for him and found him in his bedroom and I said to him: !Please lay your hands on my head, I need you to pass God to me, because he has abandoned me! My husband, afraid, did not know what to do and asked me: What’s happening to you? And I responded desperately: “I don’t have God, He is gone, please, pass Him to me.” My moans were actually coming from deep within my being and he asked me, “What prayer should I say?” And I responded: “Doesn’t’ matter what, just pass God to me. This was truly a devastating and bitter experience.

    He prayed, but I still felt the emptiness. I think I was tempted by the demon to leave my house, get into the car and look for one of the priests, but somehow I knew that if I left the house, it could be fatal. And then I threw myself on the floor with my arms extended in the form of the cross and begged God to return to me. At that moment, my soul spoke to me! I knew it was my soul, and my soul said some words, that I kept repeating as she said them to me and I felt that the Holy Spirit was filling me. I started to feel invaded with a sense of peace that I have never before had experienced; a peace that satisfied, that fused me. My chest was bursting; then I felt something physical stayed within me; a presence that I still feel to this day and which surrounds my whole chest.

    That’s how the WARNING is going to be. That is why the people who have sins will be out of their minds, and the demon will be waiting, will induce them to take their life, to take them as its own spoils before the hour of mercy comes. The WARNING will be for those who are not with God be a terrible moment, unbearable in which they would end up placing themselves in the hands of the demon, who with its demoniac legions, will encircle the souls and accuse them of their sins in which they live and tell them that God will not forgive them.

    For those who are lukewarm, it will be the moment of repentance, of grace, because when they understand their error, they will ask forgiveness and will convert, and for those who are in grace, they will be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    We know that after the WARNING, those who do not believe will give it a scientific explanation, so that humanity will continue in error, sin will increase and there will be persecution.

    From that day on my life has not been the same. God, during the WARNING, will make us aware of sin. I will never forget that day. I cried in those moments in which I did not feel God, I couldn’t even think because the absence of God surpasses everything; I only felt emptiness and felt in my flesh the sins that came one by one, increasing the anxiousness and the loneliness.

    At the time of writing this message and whenever I talk about it, I cry; I cry because even just the memory of it hurts so much, and I always ask Our Jesus not to let me feel it again, because I think I would not be able to endure it one more time.

    This is my personal experience of the WARNING, the recording of this experience, of the suffering with Jesus. He has told me that “THIS IS WHAT THE SOULS WILL FEEL DURING THE WARNING AND IT IS ONLY A DROP OF WHAT HE LIVED IN GETHSEMANI FOR OUR SINS.”

    A similar experience is repeated when Luz de Maria receives a message from our Blessed Mother announcing the nearness of the WARNING. The following is her story:

    The experience of the WARNING that I had through the message of Mother Mary a short while ago, was similar to the previous one; only that the former had such an intensity that each sin, which passed before me had its respective degree of offense to God, the pain that God feels and the burden towards all of humanity. It was a TOTAL abandonment of God, not only at a personal level, but at that same time I also felt the pain of the cosmos in general, to see God removed from Its Creation by the human will.


    Both experiences are similar, however the one from Lent I know it came from the Blessed Trinity and the intensity was much greater, although in essence it was the same, and the one of the previous message came from the pain of Our Mother that according to my understanding, are only one, because the Blessed Mother is the Trinitarian precinct. That is why to distance yourself from God, is to distance yourself from the Mother. Both experiences have been very strong, but more so the first one, although I wouldn’t want to experience either one of them again.

    Perhaps due to these merciful experiences, is that I try and struggle not to fall into sin and I go to confession as often as possible and it hurts me to offend Our Jesus, because I don’t want Him to find me offending Him.


    I know very well that Our Lord gives us always three opportunities, the third time that I will go through it will be the WARNING and I implore the Heavens above that I will be prepared for this grace.

    After the two experiences regarding the WARNING, although as I mentioned before the first one surpasses the one that I shared with the message of Mother Mary; the vision and the experience always feel as it were the first time and perhaps because the one of 2008 was felt at the cosmic level; the one of today was more of the human level.

    Whenever I see Jesus and He talks to me, it is as if it were the first time and I live it with great intensity. The same is with Mother Mary, each revelation is as if it were the first time; it is a total Divine love.

    No one can really get accustomed to see, to like, to live in the Trinitarian Love and the Maternal Love; at least not me. Each occasion is truly like the first time.

    This is what my Jesus has permitted me to experience in regards to this grace for humanity, then there will be a visible part for all to see with the sign of Heaven first,(1) after I have seen the Blessed Light over humanity; the light that will come to take away the darkness that covers the earth and the cosmos with so much sin; it will touch man’s conscience and God will distance Himself from us for a few moments. This Divine force will collide visibly with the earth and the earth will tremble…

    As we previously mentioned the way heaven gives knowledge to many chosen souls, Luz de Maria has made known to us her mystical experience in regards to the WARNING, an extraordinary experience, a very painful one, but one that allows us to understand the dimension of this future universal event soon to come, that it is convenient to deepen and understand it in our interior.

    Those who are aware of the delicate planetarium situation in the nature of things, will know, not only by a simple logic but also internally, that to arrive to a realization of universal conscience by a typical human mean, to take on new dimensions immediately of men’s way of thinking and acting, amidst the uncontrolled morality, the lack of altruists values, the lack of faith and the massive plan of disruption, would be nowadays an utopia dealing with the dramatic events that we are living, therefore, a logical possibility remains and that is DIVINE INTERVENTION, which will give an enormous opportunity to the whole of mankind to stop in the course of their lives and maintain their eyes on the Creator.





    Message from Our Lady to Pedro Regis,

    Brazil 12.08.2009

    “The day will come that men will attain great graces. A great miracle of God will transform the hardened hearts. Each one will see their errors and will receive the grace of repentance. This will be the great opportunity that our Lord will give His children who have separated from Him”.

    Message from Our Lady to Pedro Regis,

    Brazil 07.14.2009

    “God will do a great miracle as a favor to men. Humanity will have the great opportunity to return to Our Lord. When the great sign comes, all eyes will see it. Men will have the opportunity to repent. It will be a grand miracle and many will be converted”…

    Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Amparo Cuevas

    Spain year 1983

    “A Warning will be given to you and your soul shall reveal like in a mirror what you have been during your whole existence”.

    St. Michael to José Luis M. García

    Spain on 11.19.1989

    “There is something that will occur in the world; something that will make many people see the truth and some will say that it is in the nature of things.”

    “Something is coming to the world, something very grand. It is not the end of the world; it is the beginning of the conversion of many souls”.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary to Christina Gallagher

    Ireland on 07.05.2002

    “The great light of God will soon descend upon the world, there will be great weeping and many will flee, trying to hide its shame before God”.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary to Christina Gallagher

    Ireland year 1988

    “A sign will come for which all of humanity will experience the external knowledge that God exists, and they will know that it comes from God; everyone will see themselves as they really are”.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary to Felisa Sistiaga

    Spain 1941

    “I will give a Warning, I will perform a miracle, everyone will see it, but humanity, except for a very few, will continue to doubt. I have appeared in many places in the earth, but few believe”.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary to Felisa Sistiaga

    Spain 08.15.1969

    “Before the chastisement God will send a Warning, and for no one to have any doubt there will be a Miracle”.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary to Julian Soto Ayala

    México, 12.14.2004

    “When everything seems to be hopeless a Great Miracle will occur, as the final effort from heaven, to save souls”.

    Jesus to Rosa Quattrini

    April of 1968

    “I will bring a great Light that will illuminate all the souls. But it will be too late for those who do not understand a Mother’s love. Everyone will be in the center of a grand Judgment”.

    Maria Esperanza

    Venezuela 1980

    “The great moment of the Grand Day of Light is coming. The conscience of this dear people will be shaken violently so they can put their affair in order and offer to Jesus the just reparation for the infidelities committed day by day.”

    The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to Father Gobbi

    October 1992

    “Each man will see himself in the blazing fire of the divine truth. It will be like the judgment but in a smaller scale… what will occur will be something so grand that it will surpass every event that has happened since the beginning of the world. It will be like a small judgment and each individual will see their own life and everything that they have done, in the same light of God.”

    John Leary

    May 15, 2013:
    Jesus said, “My people, you have been experiencing some drought conditions the last few years, and this is part of the reason for your poor crop yields. Another cause of some food shortages is poor management of the farms and fertilizers. In the next year or so you could see mandatory chips in the body that may be required to buy the food. This is why I have asked My faithful to store some food and water before you need to leave for My refuges. This is all about food insurance so you could share it with your family and neighbors. For awhile you could share the food with those who come to your door, and I will multiply what you have. Once people start to threaten your life with guns, then it will be time to come to My refuges. Once you need to come to My refuges, you could load what food you have into your vehicles so you could help the refuges in sharing your food. Be prepared to deal with a world famine, but be assured that I will multiply your food wherever you are.”

    May 22, 2013:
    Jesus said, “My son, I have given you a mission to prepare the people for the coming tribulation when the Antichrist declares himself. I am raising up many people who are preparing refuges where My faithful will be protected from the evil ones. My angels will be protecting My faithful with a miraculous invisible shield. I have been giving you many messages so My faithful will know when it is time to leave for My refuges. The first major sign will be My Warning that will prepare people to know about the need to come to My refuges. They will also be warned not to take the mark of the beast or a computer chip in their body. You will see a man-made world famine because of the droughts, and control of the food by the one world people. You already are seeing signs of New Age teachings in My Church that will cause a major schism. Martial law is coming, as there are many training for a takeover of America. It is the mandatory chips in the body that are coming quickly by next year or sooner, where many people are seeing the signs of it being established by your Health Care mandates. Once mandatory chips are being enforced by your government, then it will be time to leave for My refuges of protection. You will be healed of any ailments with My luminous cross at My refuges. You will be fed water, Holy Communion, and deer meat for food. You also will have your own place for bedding and washing. Be patient and grateful that you will be protected from the evil ones who want to kill you. This time at My refuges will be shortened to less than 3 1/2 years for the sake of My elect. Many of My messengers are receiving similar messages to prepare refuges for My people.”

    January 20, 2011:
    Jesus said, “My people, I have warned you to leave for My refuges once mandatory chips in the body will be forced on you for your health insurance. The original bill included chips in the body, but this part was removed temporarily. You will have a National ID smart card at first for your health insurance. As this law is fully implemented by 2014, these chips in the body will be included. Refuse to take any chips in the body for any reason. When you are called to My refuges, you will look on the luminous cross and be healed of all of your ailments. This will be much more beneficial than any health plan of man.”

    November 15, 2010:
    Jesus said, “My people, most of you are unaware of the thorough records that the one world people are keeping on you. They have super computers with enough memory to store your life’s history. They know all of your bank records, stocks, bonds, and real estate that you own. So they know your total worth, and they can even profile you by your credit card purchases. They have every transaction that you ever made, and they have your e-mails and phone calls recorded. Every part of your life is known to them through their unknown tapping of your communications. This is not enough control for them, but they are working on smart cards in your licenses, and you may have chips in your passports. You can protect your identity and tracking by storing any chipped documents with aluminum foil. Once the new Health Plan is implemented, these same one world people will try to demand mandatory chips in the body, so they can track you and control you with voices and mind control. Refuse to take any chips in the body, and when the evil ones try to force these on people, it will be time to go to My refuges. As you see these things coming about in front of you, you know the tribulation is very close. Fear not the evil one’s plans, because you will have complete protection at My refuges where I will provide for your needs.”

    November 4, 2010:
    Jesus said, “My people, you saw in the original Health Bill a place indicating that chips in the body would be required for insurance benefits. This is the ultimate plan of the one world people to force mandatory chips in the body on everyone. These officials will mandate a National ID with a smart chip in it. This will be the first stage, and then chips in the body will be demanded so you do not lose your chip identification. Remember to place aluminum foil over all chipped documents to protect against identity theft and prevent tracking. Refuse to take any chips in your body because they will control your mind. When this comes, leave for My refuges.”

    August 2, 2012:
    Jesus said, “My people, you have seen one interpretation of the new Health Care plan that will be implemented 36 months after this bill passed which would be April, 2013. Your medical records are being computerized, and it will be very easy to tell which people do not have chips placed in their bodies. If you do not abide by accepting such chips, you may not have medications or operations. As the evil time gets worse, men in black may even start coming to your homes to demand this chip in the body, or they will take you to the death camps. When mandatory chips in the body are implemented, this will be the time to leave for My refuges. Refuse to take any chip in the body for any reason because these chips could control your mind and your free will. Chipping everyone is a goal of the one world people to control you like robots. Trust in Me that I will protect you.”

    November 16, 2011:
    Jesus said, “My people, your government is trying to control its citizens through mandatory smart cards and soon mandatory chips in the body. Already you have chips in your passports, driver’s licenses, and Easy passes. These chips are not necessary for transactions, but their only true purpose is control of your people. You use these chips in government entry passes, grocery discount chips, and gasoline buying chips. You have chips in the products that you buy, and soon you will need chips in your body for your health insurance and other government programs. Food stamps and some welfare recipients are required to have finger prints, retina scans, facial recognition, or other biometric means to get money cards. The next requirement will be mandatory chips in the body that will soon be demanded of anyone getting money from the government. I have warned My people not to take any chips in the body for any reason. If and when chips in the body are required for Social Security money, welfare, or health insurance, then you will need to survive without these chips. This mandatory chip in the body is all about mind control over your free will, and when this happens, it will be a sign to leave for your refuges. Do not let the one world people control your body like a robot with chips in the body because your soul will be in danger from these evil ones. Remove all of these chips so you cannot be tracked. Call on Me to lead you to My refuges when mandatory chips in the body are forced on you.”

    June 9, 2005:
    Jesus said, “My people, this European green building represents the power of the central bankers behind the European Union. Even though some member nations are trying to refuse to ratify the Constitution of the European Union, eventually this group will be needed to compete with nations around the world. This will be one of the first blocks to accept one world government where individual nations are ruled by a counsel of nations. This same European Union, once ratified, will be ready to accept the Antichrist as its joint leader. The control of chips in the body will soon follow the Antichrist’s declaration. Have no fear for I will soon vanquish these evil ones.”

    September 30, 2010:
    Jesus said, “My people, the one world people are planning an ultimate crash of your trading markets and your current banking system. The Antichrist will come on the scene to set up a new money system that will require buying and selling only through the mark of the beast as a computer chip in the body. Your money will become worthless and your possessions will be taken away from you. My faithful will only be safe at My refuges of protection.”

    August 7, 2006:
    Jesus said, “My people, this vision of locked doors to a basement is a sign of the coming tribulation and the need to hide at a refuge. The keys to the door are the signs of when to go to the refuge. I have given you the sequence of events before going to the refuge that will start with the Warning experience. After the Warning there will be a time of conversion. This will be followed by three events happening about the same time. First there will be a world famine which will be contrived by forcing people to buy food with the mark of the beast. The second will be a major division in My Church between the schismatic New Age church and My faithful remnant. The third event will be the mandatory use of microchips in the body where those, who refuse them, will be placed in detention centers. When these events occur, I want My faithful to call on Me, and I will have your guardian angel lead you to the closest refuge of protection. By going to the refuge before they come to your house, you will not face martyrdom when they cannot find you. Trust in My victory over evil since their reign will be brief before I will destroy them in the flames of hell.”

    October 20, 2008:
    Jesus said, “My people, this circling disk in the ceiling of a church represents the time of the Warning, when everyone will experience their own life review. It is after the Warning that you will experience divisions in My Church from the infiltration of New Age teachings. Remember when I told you that if you see New Age teaching or New Age idols in a church that you are attending, then leave that church. If most churches have such flaws, then you need to find an underground Mass with a faithful priest. After the Warning you will also see other signs as a world famine, and mandatory chips in the body, and martial law. These are all signs to you to call on Me, and your guardian angel will lead you with a physical sign to the nearest interim refuge or final refuge for protection. The evil that you are about to witness is the worst that you have ever seen, and you will need My angels and not your guns to defend your bodies and souls. Trust in My protection and My giving you your necessities throughout this tribulation.”

    September 18, 2008:
    Jesus said, “My people, soon all of your main highways will demand chips in your transponders in order to enter and pay to use these roads. This is why when you go to your refuges, My angels will be leading you over the safer back roads to avoid these troops ready to detain religious people and patriots. As martial law is declared, these troops will send you to the death camps if they can capture you. Call on My angels and Me to lead you safely to My refuges when we will make you invisible on the road to your destination.”

    December 16, 2010:
    Jesus said, “My people, man’s fascination with identifying people by placing chips in people should be avoided at all costs to avoid misuse of mind control techniques. Your latest means of bar coding embryos and chipping babies is another tactic by the one world people to control all babies at birth. Those, who have chips in their body, could be controlled by voices from these chips. Do not take any chips in your bodies, even if the evil ones threaten to kill you. This is why you need to come to My refuges so these evil ones cannot put chips into your body.”

    July 25, 2011:
    For the priest who asked about how voices will come from the chip into people’s hearing. Jesus said, “My son, I have given you many messages not to take the mark of the beast or a computer chip in the body, even under pain of death. This chip, during the tribulation, cannot be removed, and it truly will control your free will with voices controlling you as a robot. A signal will be sent by satellite or cell tower that will activate the chip in your body, and truly you will hear voices, and you will be controlled as one under hypnosis. Search these capabilities out on the internet to show people that this truly is possible as some have witnessed.”

    March 28, 2012:
    Jesus said, “My people, in the reading from Daniel you saw how the three Jewish men were tested by the king to worship the false god of his statue, or face death in the fiery furnace. The three men chose to follow God and His ways, rather than obey the king’s order to worship his false god in idol worship. The king had them placed in the hot fiery furnace, but an angel protected them from being burned to death. As a result the king was converted to God, and stopped believing in his own attendants. In today’s world you are also being persecuted for your belief in Me, even as I was persecuted and even killed. You may not face death right now, but a time is coming when you could be martyred for your faith if you do not follow My advice to come to My refuges of protection. The people in authority are controlled by the evil one world people. These evil ones are trying to take away your freedom of religion in forcing you to accept homosexuality and giving out contraceptives. The authorities are trying to force you into a socialistic government that wants to totally control you with chips in the body. Refuse these chips in the body because they will control your mind and your free will. Those, who knowingly take the chip in the body and worship the Antichrist, are condemning themselves to hell according to the Book of Revelation in chapters 13 and 14. Just as the three Jewish men defied the king, so My people need to defy your government that is trying to force you to take the mark of the beast. This is all part of your Health Law that they are trying to force on you. I do not want My people to use guns against these authorities, but when you see martial law and mandatory chips in the body, it will be time to follow your guardian angels to My refuges. Many saints were martyred for their faith, and there will be more martyrs in the tribulation. Hold fast to your faith, even if people threaten to kill you if you do not take the chip in the body.”

    Messages to Sadie Jaramillo April 14th, 2013

    As I began to make my thanksgiving after receiving the Eucharist I began to hear Jesus, after testing, Jesus responded:

    “I am the good shepherd, and my sheep know my voice.” I laid down my life for you, and for all…for LOVE…I am LOVE incarnate….but few are they who return that love….I find great consolation in the hearts of those who do love me, for the many who do not. See I have heard your prayers; I have heard your supplications, I have received your tears.

    But look and see what I see….desolation of souls…desolation of love…desolation of marriage…desolation of the youth….desolation for lack of knowledge of my LOVE.

    To you I have shown some of what I see; to you I have shared some of what I feel; and I acknowledge your attempts to fulfill the command of My Mother in her request for you to share Her sorrow and proclaim the warnings as my sentinel in the watchtower. To you I have shown the blue star, that brings a great change and prodigy….to you I have shown the disruption of your society’s “normal” existence because they have turned their backs from me…

    Then the Lord gave me the following Scriptures which came very rapidly :

    Revelation 16:15:
    [15] Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

    Matthew 24:21-22
    [21] For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. [22] And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.

    Matthew 25 1-12
    [1] Then shall the kingdom of heaven be like to ten virgins, who taking their lamps went out to meet the bridegroom and the bride. [2] And five of them were foolish, and five wise. [3] But the five foolish, having taken their lamps, did not take oil with them: [4] But the wise took oil in their vessels with the lamps. [5] And the bridegroom tarrying, they all slumbered and slept.

    [6] And at midnight there was a cry made: Behold the bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him. [7] Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. [8] And the foolish said to the wise: Give us of your oil, for our lamps are gone out. [9] The wise answered, saying: Lest perhaps there be not enough for us and for you, go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. [10] Now whilst they went to buy, the bridegroom came: and they that were ready, went in with him to the marriage, and the door was shut.

    [11] But at last come also the other virgins, saying: Lord, Lord, open to us. [12] But he answering said: Amen I say to you, I know you not.

    Matthew 25:13
    [13] Watch ye therefore, because you know not the day nor the hour.

    Jesus continues:

    “Behold I say to you, I AM coming like a thief in the night and no one knows the hour nor the day…but those who are wise and have responded to the pleas of My words in MY WORD (the bible), “REPENT AND SIN NO MORE…REPENT AND TURN FROM YOUR EVIL WAYS; REPENT FOR JUDGEMENT IS COMING.”…and those requests of My Mother, can see the signs which point to these days and they understand.”

    For most of my people (in these days) are wasting away in the vile sins and filth that has inundated this nation and the world, (but) the plots of those evil societies will be thwarted by Divine Intervention. The time of extreme punishment is upon you, but be not afraid for I am with you…My Mother leads the remnant through the final phase of these trying times.

    I am asking you to live an intense prayer life in these days…and it is not the length of prayer..but the meditation and knowledge of what is being prayed with every beat of th

  • The Flash

    I am asking you to live an intense prayer life in these days…and it is not the length of prayer..but the meditation and knowledge of what is being prayed with every beat of the heart.

    And my Mother will (once again) be able to bring a swift end of this trial, for the Trinity where She dwells cannot say no to the Queen of Heaven. It is for the sake of those who pray, cry and lament over the state of this nation that Divine Intervention will prevail.


    (I was interrupted here and it was Saturday the 20th of April in Eucharistic Adoration that Jesus gave me the completion)….

    What is about to be unleashed on this nation will bring many to their knees, (for still), as a nation there has been no repentance, (so the scales of my justice are weighted down, and the cup of my Father’s wrath runs over) (and what comes) will bring the chaos and confusion which I revealed to you years ago, but I will intervene divinely..rest my daughter, rest on my bosom, for the work increases and (soon) you will have no rest…

    I have heard your prayers, in the stillness of your soul….I AM.

    SJ: Amen.

    The Anti-Christ is (( MAITREYA ))

    When u first see him, TURN YOUR TV’S OFF!! RADIO;S TOO!! Don’t even think about listening to him for a little bit, OR YOUR GOING TO LOSE!!

    If you let your curiosity get the better of you, YOUR GOING TO LOSE!!

    If ya wanna take, just a little look see at the miracles he’ll perform, YOUR GOING TO LOSE!!

    That’s how powerful this evil jackass is gonna be. He’s coming as a man of peace and will turn into a horrifying monster real quick. With in three and a half years! With all Governments and police officials on his side, forcing the mark of the beast, a computer chip on the hand or forehead or you will not be able to buy or sell.

    Money will soon be worthless! ALL YOUR TRUST HAS TO GO TO JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH AND ALL THE SAINTS!! with all your heart and soul and with every decision from this point on OR YOU WILL LOSE!!!


    If you sit and read these messages and wait to see if this is true or not YOUR IN GREAT DANGER OF LOSING!!

    If you read these messages and don’t pass them to other websites and other church’s of different denominations YOUR IN GREAT DANGER OF LOSING!!

    This stuff is NOT NEW!!!

    I could go on and fill the forums around the world with this stuff.

    Jesus/Mary are very upset to say the least as to how the Christian world has knocked down all these messages…like FOREVER!! IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

    So it’s up to you. (( IT’S YOUR CHOICE.))

    “—From now on all the events will speed up, with no interruption. One event will still be going on and another will begin—“. (The Blessed Mother via Locutions to the World (1); Oct. 18, 2011)

    “—the Warning would most likely occur during your football season from September to February.— You will only have weeks of time after the Warning for conversions. — After the Warning, you should have your backpacks filled and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The Warning will be My mercy for sinners, but also a sign that the major events are about to take place.—“. (Jesus via John Leary; July 18, 2008)

    “—The Miracle will take place within a year after the Warning.—” (The visionary, Mary Loli providing information she obtained from Our Lady of Garabandal (3) )

    “— I asked people to be able to leave for My refuges of protection at the time of My Warning.— ” (Jesus via John Leary; Aug. 24, 2010)

    “—The Warning will come before the Antichrist declares himself.— “. (Jesus via John Leary; Feb. 13, 2011)

    “—After the Warning there will be major events in a world famine, a division in My Church, mandatory microchips in the body, and martial law when the Antichrist will be put into power by the one world people. It is at that time that I will call My faithful to My refuges.—” (Jesus via John Leary; Aug. 5, 2008)

    “My son, you have asked for a confirmation of how long a time it will be that people will be allowed for conversions after the Warning occurs. I have told you in previous messages that there will be a short time after the Warning for My faithful to help bring the fallen away Christians back to the sacraments. This time would not be very long because the Warning will come right before the major events that would lead up to the declaration of the Antichrist. This will also not be too short a time in order to give people a chance to learn the faith or be reconverted. The six weeks that I have mentioned to you is about the right length of time to accommodate the evangelization of souls. Once you see the Warning occur, you could have your family come to the same refuge. Once souls have time for conversions, then you will see the events lead up to the declaration of the Antichrist and the beginning of the tribulation.—” (Jesus via John Leary; July 11, 2011)
    Ok,thats it for me. You need light for the Three Days Of Darkness! because nothing will work, no batteries no flash lights no solar lights, not even regular candles.


    They say a photo tells a thousand words. Go to this link….http://subversify.com/2011/06/10/is-google-censoring-nibiru-planet-x/

    It is from a secular site who knocks down the idea that something is coming. Take a very close look at the top Hubble photo…How can anybody not see what I’m seeing, a super ugly dragon beast looking directly into a part image of mother Mary holding baby Jesus!
    U either have to be blind stupid or evil not to see this!!!
    Ok, on the first comments page I posted as toni maybe a year or so after this site went up. I say this might have something to do with the Warning! ( if ya ever looked into this stuff through other photo’s, the pattern of stars are formed in a circling backward’s C like in the letter C.And now a year later Jesus through the messages to John Leary CONFIRMS WHAT I BELIEVED in the message from May 7 2013 … In the vision of the circling stars, you could tell that this was connected to the Warning. Once the Warning occurs, events will be moving quickly to allow the Antichrist to come into power.

    This is the best I can do!

    God Bless. In Jesus Mary and Joseph and all the saints, Let Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)

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