September 20th, 2007

On Blogs and Blogging

On Monday I’ll be in Manhattan for an interview with this lady for this show that will air on EWTN sometime this fall. The topic is to be the cultural phenomenon of blogging and other forms of online communication as a means of moral support among Christian women.

I am hoping all of you can give me some food for thought before the interview. Why do you read blogs and what do you get out of them? If you blog yourself, why do you? What do you think makes a “good” mom blog? Do you see any particular problems or shortcomings in the world of blogs?

53 comments to On Blogs and Blogging

  • Kate Kelmelis

    For me, I occasionally read "mom blogs" the way that working professionals read trade journals. I go to them for ideas and inspiration, to see what other ideas are out there in relation to parenting, discipline, homeschooling, etc. Sometimes I learn about a new product that might make my job easier. Sometimes it’s just for the feeling of community, to read about like minded people and their thoughts and activities.

  • Monica

    I like the comment about reading blogs like a trade journal — ideas, inspiration, help, and sometimes just to know that someone else out there is as counter-cultural as you are! I can’t tell you how many ideas and inspirations I’ve gotten from reading blogs.

    Problems that I’ve encountered with blogs: negative tone. There are a bunch of bloggers that embrace sarcastic humor about their situations, and I find that completely counterproductive for me. Humor, yes. Sarcasm, no. If I read those types, I start taking that sort of view, and my whole life suffers.

    However, if I can read uplifting blogs that help me to see my vocation as a meaningful and rich one, and that challenge me to do my job better, my whole life benefits.

    I do try to keep the blogs I check regularly to a minimum, since it easily gets out of hand.

  • Mary

    Danielle –
    I’ve had limited blog experience compared to many of your readers. I read yours almost daily (okay, okay – I have on more than one day checked it multiple times – I love your wit!) for entertainment – it also gives me a bit of a sense of community (not that I like admitting having a sense of community w/folks I never met, but it is true). I used to read one by a friend who had set it up when her daughter was ill – it allowed friends and family to be in touch w/o over burdening her while everything was ongoing. I wrote in one for this past Lent as a spiritual task (found out that I am no mystic – lol – not insightful at all!). Others that I occasionally peruse, all but one, deal with spiritual matters (eg. Fr. Augustine, Bishop Sean, et al,). Mark Pickup’s is the non-religion centered one, but, since it is life focused, it might actually fall under that heading. I imagine that I’d read myspace sort of blogs if that were where my interests lie. Oh, yeah – I’ve looked at Regina Doman’s blog a time or two because I like her brother’s music and the recent time you mentioned it. Minnesota Mom has been read a few times by me because your mentions interested me, too. Have a great time in NYC! Peace. ~~~mary