November 18th, 2012

Oh, you meant the boogers?

I ran a 5K yesterday and almost my whole family was with me. Kateri had to work, but Eamon and Ambrose ran the race too, Stephen and Gabby ran the Fun Run, and everyone else came along to watch and cheer.

Ambrose placed second in his age group, Stephen won the Fun Run, and I improved my time by over two minutes (27:19!) from my last race, so it was a really great day.

There was one funny moment, though, that I have to share with you.

I wore mascara, okay? Ambrose made fun of me when he saw me putting it on that morning, but whatever. I don’t expect a 14-year-old male to understand the nuances of the 40-year-old female’s mind when it comes to cosmetics. It was waterproof mascara. It made perfect sense.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but the air was cold and the wind made my eyes water a bit during the race, but I didn’t think too much of it. Until the race was over, that is, and my sweet husband gave me a hug, told me I did a great job, and then … reached toward my face with his hand.

“You probably should …” he said.

I had just run 3.1 miles as hard as I could. I was interested in oxygen. I was not interested in fussing with my mascara.

“In a minute!” I told Dan shortly.

He looked surprised, took a step back, and asked, “Are you okay?”

How annoying was he? Of course I was okay. I just wanted to catch my breath and didn’t consider my eye makeup a priority at that moment. I guess I told him so.

And that was when Dan let me know that he was not fussing about my makeup after all. It was actually the snot I had running out of my nose that he thought I might want to take care of. Snot. Not mascara smudges.

So I did take care of that.

And the good news is 1) My husband is actually a pretty thoughtful and caring guy and not nearly as annoying as I thought for a brief moment yesterday, and 2) My waterproof eye makeup still looked fab, thankyouverymuch.

Stephen finishes his run, snot-free.

3 comments to Oh, you meant the boogers?

  • My 16-year-old daughter runs track and though she is all about makeup (tastefully done, thank God) any other time, she sees no point in beautifying before a race. 😉
    You had a great 5K time!

  • Ha! What our poor husbands have to deal with is saint material. I shower before my races, and my husband is like “Huh?” Anyway, awesome time!!

  • Ok, all boogers, aside, that is an amazing time!! I love running, but I happen to be a little speed-challenged, ahem. 27 minutes was my personal best…in high school! Great job! 🙂

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