June 20th, 2008

Nutritious Books

A couple of different book recommendations have come out in the comments section of the nutrition discussion going on below and since I am familiar with at least one of them, I thought I would link it up here. I first read The Abs Diet for Women by David Zinczenko last year when my good friend Rachel recommended it to me.

Before you read this, you need to understand: This book is written by a men’s magazine editor. As a result, it reads like it was written by a men’s magazine editor. There’s some ridiculous stuff about boosting your sex appeal and other nonsense, but if you can laugh your way past that stuff and check out the recommended diet and exercise program, you’ll find that it really does make a lot of sense.

Zinczenko recommends a low (bad) fat, low sugar, high fiber, high protein diet that you eat in frequent, smaller-sized meals. His exercise program is the first introduction I ever had to strength training, and I loved it. The basic idea is to build up your body’s muscle mass because a body with more muscle burns fat more efficiently.

The diet backed up what I was already discovering about protein and refined sugars, and the workouts have made me feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. Did you know that strength training is good for your bones? Good news for me — at 5’1″ I can’t exactly afford to shrink in my old age.

For any mom who struggles to find balance in her diet or exercise habits, this is a worthwhile read.

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