July 9th, 2011

NFP and Porch Parties

Happy weekend!

My latest column at Crisis is up this weekend:

Five Ways I Don’t Love Natural Family Planning

You should read the comments! Most of them are great — very thoughtful and charitable. In the “not quite so thoughtful and charitable” category, though, my favorite so far is from the lady who accused me of, in some previous article, admonishing readers to have more kids because I know they can handle it. Because that is just so me, you know?

Also, this weekend, I had the pleasure of joining the crew at SQPN’s Catholic Weekend for a show in which we talked about family bonding, sweet tea, kayaking trips, social media, and P90X. Now that’s a show! It was a lot of fun to take part and I am honored that they asked me. Go take a listen for yourself!

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