January 26th, 2010

My Internet Expands

Funny how you can begin to think you feel at home on the internet when suddenly you stumble into new territory — and then you remember just how big the world is.

I have really been enjoying my new work blogging at NCRegister.com.

But the commenters over there? These are not my usual peeps. Did you see the way the Matt Archbold’s post about atheism exploded, for example?

And pro-life posts that I could write all day long here at my blog or over at Faith & Family and never hear a word of disagreement — get negative comments almost immediately at NCRegister.

Today’s post about how the youthful enthusiasm of the pro-life movement frightens the opposition is a great example. Only two comments in, we have an angry tirade against the “anti-choice right.”

I think it’s good for me to venture out of my Catholic mom-o-sphere bubble in this way, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome your company out there in the great big world.

Come on over — and make your voice heard!

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