May 9th, 2010

Mother’s Day Daybook

Outside my window … Cold but clear. I love that my crabapple tree in the front yard is in gloriously full, fragrant, pink blossom bloom these days (see header photo). The boys tell me they saw snow early this morning, but I was still in bed. So it is my option to disbelieve what I have been told. ** La, la, la … I can’t hear you!! **

I am thinking … that Gabby might be right. “I can see why you wanted to be a mother,” she told me this morning after I was thoroughly spoiled with Mother’s Day surprises. “For the presents.” She’s got me there. I might just be in this gig for the gifts.

I am thankful for … Stephen’s confetti. When I got out of bed and walked down the stairs this morning, I was showered with small bits of paper — each with a scrawled picture of a heart — from up above. I looked up to see a grinning Stephen, and I felt like a queen.

I am hoping … that those who have lost their mothers and those who long to be mothers will find a special peace and joy in their hearts on this day that honors the sanctity of motherhood and the unique value of all feminine nurturing.

On my mind … preparations for the upcoming creative and delicious Dessert With Danielle. And also the informative and inspiring Dayton Catholic Homeschool Conference. I hope that I will see some of you in Ohio!

Noticing that … my moods and attitudes are greatly influenced by the people I talk to and the things I read. This is no great revelation, I suppose, but I have been struck recently by how my optimism, pessimism, or anything in between, can be readily attributed to the most recent information or conversation I have allowed to occupy my brain cells. A very good reason to be choosy.

A few plans for the week … Baseball, some basics for schoolwork, a quick trip to Connecticut for work, more baseball, and … did I mention softball?

From the kitchen … Waffles with my brand new Mother’s Day waffle maker for a special brunch today. With mimosas, of course. A great start to the day.

Around the house … ummm … nothing? I am thrilled — thrilled, I tell you — when the laundry is caught up these days. Baseball changes your perspective on such things.

Toward fitness and health … I am getting back into my Lenten habit of eating a salad a day. It’s a simple way to 1) get my fiber and veggies and 2) replace what might otherwise be high calorie, mindless eating. I do like salad, but it can be an effort to put together. Any suggestions for keeping ready-to-go ingredients fresh in the fridge?

One of my favorite things … the heavy scent of lilies. My house is filled with it since Dan brought some home for me last night. With every breath today, I feel loved.

A picture I am sharing …


Happy Mother’s Day!

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