Mom to Mom


Daughters of St. Paul, 2007 Paperback (5″ x 7″) 180 pages. $15.95

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We live in an age of ‘anti-mother’: birth control and contraception; career-minded self-affirmation; the belittlement of the home and the family. Educational practices educate us for everything else but raising a family. And too often, the expected advice and guidance of the extended family fails to be passed down. In a culture where anti-mother sentiment reigns, it is difficult for new mothers to know how to mother! I personally have talked with many mothers who are floundering in a void. And this is where I believe Danielle’s new book Mom to Mom, Day to Day holds particular merit. This Catholic mother of eight tackles all the little issues which can provide a stumbling block to new moms, and passes down reasonable and experienced advice. Mom to Mom, Day to Day is a valuable contribution to the formation of the modern Catholic motherproviding an experience of Christian community, the passing on of practical wisdom, and the easy humor of a chat over a cup of coffee. — Holly Pierlot, author of A Mother’s Rule of Life

Blessings to Danielle Bean for creating a resource that will help every Mom to know that her life’s small sacrifices and challenges can be offered as a daily gift of love to our heavenly Father. Moms will benefit greatly from many of s encouraging and accomplishable tips, including surviving Mass with little ones and making faith an integral part of family life all year long. Fabulous recipes and craft ideas will help you celebrate the highlights of our liturgical calendar in your own home. From spills to spirituality, from housework to holiness, Danielle voices a perspective that gently, and with humor, encourages women to give their best to God and to their families while caring for themselves along the path of life.

— Lisa M. Hendey, founder of

As wife and mother of eight, Danielle Bean has sifted through her sleepless nights and busy days to glean a treasure trove of wisdom for her sisters in Christ. This practical advice, offered with honesty, humility and humour, will help shore up the foundations of many a domestic church. Priceless! —

— Genevieve Kineke, author of The Authentic Catholic Woman

You will love this book! Danielle’s wit, love and humor will touch the warm spot of your heart with every story. A great faith filled book for everyone–not just Moms!

— Sister Patricia Proctor, OSC, author of 101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

I read Danielle Bean’s new book, Mom to Mom, Day to Day, while in the hospital after the birth of my eighth child. It was like having a chat over a backyard fence with an experienced mother who exudes an infectious joy. Danielle believes in vocation and loves the life to which God has called her. I wanted to jump up and give a copy to every new mother in the Birth Center that day!

— Elizabeth Foss, author of Real Learning, Education in the Heart of the Home