March 28th, 2010

Let’s Get Quiet

I love the Anchoress.

It takes a while to stop the monkeychatter in the brain. But try to let that run itself out, like a spool of film, that goes clackety-clackety-clack and then whirrrs down to silence. And breathe and get quiet.

We are all much too comfortable with our noise, and distrustful and edgy around the silence.

But the noise feeds the chaos. The chaos feeds something else.

Let’s stop feeding it.

Let’s feed our spirits a little.

Let’s not take the bait. Let’s not bait others. In a week, the world will still be with us. But perhaps by getting a little quiet, we’ll have come to understand a little — just a little — about the uselessness of a day’s fretting and fighting, in the scope of Eternity.

She makes some great points that I really need reminding of now and then.

There’s no time like Holy Week to “get quiet.” Go read the whole thing.

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