March 20th, 2014

Incoming: Momnipotent

My dad was visiting this past weekend and in the process of discussing book promotions, he asked me about blogging.

“You never do blog anymore do you?”


“Because it’s a waste of time?”

Well now, there’s a question. Blogging may not be the hippest platform authors use to promote their books, but it surely is not a waste of time for anyone who enjoys blogging, or reading blogs, or commenting on blogs, or whatever else you kids are doing with blogs these days.

I have only not been writing here because at the end of every day, I am fresh out of time. And also, with the growing young people under my roof, fresh out of material that is fit for blogging. No toddler ever cried foul when his mom posted pictures of him in the tub (not that I did that!) but older kids have a real right to privacy (except on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat where they post absolutely everything — but it’s what they’re CHOOSING to share — you see the difference, I am sure).

But anyway, I thought I should update this space with a bit about my latest project with Ascension Press: Momnipotent, the book and the study.

You are participating in the daily discussions at Momnipotent, aren’t you? You can also sign up to get the posts sent to your email inbox, if that works best for you.

The book (read an excerpt!) and parish study (order a risk-free preview for your parish!) will be released this spring and are now available for pre-order. I am so excited to share them with you! Here’s a little promo that tells you more about the project.

3 comments to Incoming: Momnipotent

  • I very much enjoyed your webinar last night. I can’t wait for the study to come out and to gather a group of beautiful mothers who deserve to be built up and cherished. Thank you for all the work you’ve done to create such a program!

  • Thank you Sterling! 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you IRL.

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