November 8th, 2010

#IAmProLife … are you?

Last week’s Twitter trend of tweeting “I had an abortion” started people talking about life issues on Twitter.

I wrote a column for the Washington Post that challenged the wisdom of women cheerfully tweeting about their abortions and shutting those who regret their abortions out of the conversation.

Then I was officially “in it” on Twitter.

I had some thoughtful conversations with people who disagree with me, but I was also treated to enough angry vitriol that I decided we could better serve the pro-life cause with positive action. So I asked pro-lifers on Twitter to use an #IAmProLife hashtag and tell us why. I will be re-tweeting people’s responses at my Twitter account all day today.

If you are on Twitter, please join us in making a positive statement in defense of the unborn. And encourage your followers to do the same. Let your pro-life voice be heard!

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