May 14th, 2008

I won’t name names

But I will beg you — beg you — to tell me how to stop a toddler-baby from putting his hands into his diaper when long pants don’t stop him, onesies don’t stop him, and scolding, removing, and distracting don’t stop him either.

Something’s got to work here. Duct tape? Hypnosis? What?

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51 comments to I won’t name names

  • Felicia

    Oh, I so completely feel for you in this case. And I’m pretty sure that there’s not one particular solution that works for all kids; if there were, the person that owned it would be SELLING it.

    For what it’s worth, here’s one possibility:
    -Put diaper-discovery boy in his crib each time he sends the inquiring hand(s) down under.
    -Once in the crib, just take the dang diaper off and see if he gets bored,
    -Telling him that when he’s done discovering you’d be more than happy to fetch him. Be armed with baby wipes, though.
    -Yeah, I know this will break your back. All that hauling and such, but he might give up the habit before your msucles go into unrelenting spasms. HERE’s WHY:

    I’m thinking back to my store of “way-back-when-my-kids-were-young-wisdom,” and I recall vividly that neither of my children wanted to be separated from the rest of the household/group, and that I used this method (go-to-your-room-or-bed-until-you-are-done) to allow them to do what they needed to do (swearing like sailors; whining; begging, etc.) and sparing me the behavior.

    Good luck!

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