May 30th, 2008

I take it back.

The part about “begging the question” in the cupcake post below, that is.

Did you know that when you write online, small words and phrases that you use with little thought to their proper usage are left up on the screen for people with altogether too much time on their hands, like my brother, to scrutinize and then email to correct you?

I stand corrected.

I accept this correction and hereby withdraw my previous begging of the question. But only because I want to reserve the right to remain snobby and smug about the proper use of “affect” and “effect,” “it’s” and “its,” and “lose” and “loose.” And please, big-time blogger whose name I will not mention, don’t ever let me catch you typing the words “deja view” again. Unless it’s a seriously clever play on words.

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