January 20th, 2012

I am almost keeping up with myself.

Life! It’s happening! All around me! And I am almost keeping up!

1. First, Catholic Digest!

We are finishing up work on our re-launch March 2012 issue and making plans for April 2012 and beyond. I am so excited about the changes we are making and can’t wait to share it all with you. Make sure you are a subscriber so you don’t miss a thing!


2. Next, The Gist! We were in Boston this week, taping more episodes. This project has been such a fun learning process for me. Like any learning process, it has been made up of equal parts hilarity and humility so far.

Please like us Facebook to keep up with our conversations. You can watch all the episodes that have aired so far at CatholicTV.com. The most recent one, focused on confession and featuring the very funny Lino Rulli, is right here:


3. Finally, the March for Life! I will be in D.C. on Monday with my four oldest kids and other members of our parish youth group. Will you be there?

I will be on the Son Rise Morning Show a little after 6:00 am on Monday, checking in and sharing the experience.

I will have a pro-life piece up at the Washington Post on Monday as well (not sure I will be able to check back in and link it up from the road) that I hope you will check out and support with comments. I am told there will be a “pro-choice” piece running as well, so I hope our side can be well represented.

I also plan to tweet my way through the trip, so follow me on Twitter for more details.

4 comments to I am almost keeping up with myself.

  • I won’t be there (baby excuse), but lots of students from the high school I work at will be there! Be on the lookout for Bishop Stang High School!!!

  • Danielle, you blow me away. Keep on keeping on, lady, and know that we’re praying for you. SO MUCH good work you are doing! You rock.

  • “Almost keeping up” with ourselves is good–very good! In fact, at this stage in the motherhood game, it’s probably even more than we could hope.

    (that’s my pragmatic side talking)

    (it comes out every six months or so)

    Joining Arwen in praying for you–such a somber anniversary, yet look how God is using our teens–using YOU–to glorify Him despite it. Have fun, stay safe, and take lots of photos if you can!

  • char knox


    I’ve read your book (My Cup of Tea). I loved it.

    I have 5 kids. I love them so much. I”m a stay at home mom, from time to time I feel trapped. I don’t appreicate them as I should. I feel so much guilt.

    Do you ever feel that way, and what do you do?


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