November 30th, 2009

Heading Into Advent Daybook

Outside my window … Bright, sunny, and COLD. The menfolk have been busy, though, and there are tall, neat stacks of wood out there too.

I am thinking … that it matters what we allow ourselves to think. If we let ourselves mope, complain, judge or criticize — even if only in our own heads — that attitude translates into our words and actions. Even if we don’t mean for it to.

I am thankful for … a date night with Dan on Saturday. We’re not so old after all. We went to a bar with live music where I had the Bison Burger and it was more fun than I thought it would be.

I am reading … Chosen by Donna Steichen. Inspiring stuff!

I am hoping … to be done with Christmas shopping by this time next week. I am an eternal optimist.

On my mind … potty training. I see it on the other side of Christmas. And it will only take 3 days. Yes, yes, that’s what I see.

Noticing that … as I make out lists for Christmas shopping, there is nothing on my own. I don’t want anything. I am a spoiled and happy person.

A few plans for the week … Basketball practices, H1N1 shots for Dan and me (I found some!), and organizing the Christmas decorations. We don’t do that much decorating and we won’t put them up until we get a tree later in December, but if we need new white lights, I want to figure that out now. Not when we’re putting up the tree and there’s a raging snowstorm outside. Not that that‘s ever happened.

From the kitchen … meatball subs — my new favorite easy meal that everyone loves. Frozen meatballs heated in jarred tomato sauce and served on rolls with mozzarella cheese.

Around the house … I was just assigned the task of organizing our medical bills. So pressing has this task become, I was even offered a day off from homeschooling in which to accomplish it. I cringe every time I think of it.

One of my favorite things … watching my three oldest boys serve at Mass. Don’t tell Stephen, but when I see him in that little cassock with the tassels, I want to smooch him up. They’re still pretty new at it, but Ambrose did the incense this past weekend — incense! I wonder if I’ll ever get so used to seeing them up there at the altar I will actually not cry through the Mass?

A picture I am sharing …

Ambrose contemplates the last bite of pie …


And then dives right in.


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