July 2nd, 2008

Georgianna’s Choice

Reader Debbie sent me a link to this beautiful profile of a family that chose to carry their baby son to term, despite the fact that he was diagnosed prenatally with a terminal illness (Trisomy 18).

“God didn’t do it,” Georgianna says. “I’m angry, but not at Him. He didn’t do it. He’s right by my side, and Mary’s on the other side. When Liam got diagnosed, I said, ‘God, take my one hand. Mary, take the other. Walk me through it.’ If there’s anybody who knows how I feel, it’s them.”

Read the whole thing.

CORRECTION: It appears the couple has not left the Catholic church, but has only switched churches, from one Catholic parish to another — something that I did not understand in my first reading of the article. Thanks to Frances L. for sending along the confirming information!

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