February 1st, 2010

February! Daybook

Outside my window … it’s about 20 degrees. It’s warm again! We’ll definitely have mandatory outdoor recess today.

I am thinking … of ways to combat the February BLAHs. Important warning to all mothers: Make no major decisions during the month of February. You are not in your right mind, I tell you! Blog posts forthcoming!

I am thankful for … my faithful old van. She started beautifully for basketball early Saturday morning, despite the sub-zero temperatures. She did the same early Sunday morning for Mass too. I should be so loyal, hard-working, and uncomplaining.

I am hoping … to convince my strong-willed, easily bored, just-a-little-too capable first grader that neat, thorough work matters. Even if it’s boring.

On my mind … When I make spending time with my husband a priority, everything else falls into place. I keep saying it, but I need to remind myself more often: My marriage is the foundation of my family life which is the foundation of … everything else I do.

Noticing that … it’s 11:30 am and the 4 year old is still wearing his Sponge Bob pajamas. Time to hit “publish” and do something about that.

A few plans for the week … Basketball. Watching Lost! A Girls’ Day Out with my three daughters.

From the kitchen … I have been searching for an apple chicken recipe. When Dan and I went out to dinner recently, I had the apple chicken and it was so deliciously awesome. Walnut-crusted with a cider glaze, anyone? I’d love to be able to make it for Valentine’s Day. *** UPDATE: Found it!

Around the house … Just when I de-cluttered my bedroom, Dan decided he needs to replace our bedroom closet doors. As he works there in his random free moments day by day, I am trying to be patient with the mess. After all this time, I have grown quite accustomed to “construction zone” as our signature decorating style, anyway.

One of my favorite things … Danny’s fresh haircut. I used the clippers on him last night and immediately wondered why I waited so long to clean him up. Love my handsome boy!

A picture I am sharing …

Juliette’s weekend creation — Cherry Cheesecake. I am beginning to think that I might be able to retire from dessert-baking altogether.


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