January 5th, 2012

Did You Miss The Gist?

The Gist rebroadcasts on CatholicTV Thursday at 8:30pm, Friday at 4pm, Saturday at 6:30am, Monday at 8am, and Tuesday at 10pm. And you can now watch the first episode of The Gist on demand on CatholicTV.

Thanks for watching and keep your feedback (the good, the bad, and the ugly) coming! It’s very helpful as we are planning future shows.

5 comments to Did You Miss The Gist?

  • Daria

    I enjoyed the content and flow of The Gist and the obvious affection you share. Your different approaches to prayer was a pleasure as was Rachel’s review of Amy Welborn’s book. She got it right; I still cried.

    If I may offer two (loving) suggestions: eliminate the animation running behind you. (too distracting) Hair, makeup and wardrobe can be tricky for TV; how about a media stylist to show you (and your audience) how awesome you all are?

    I wish you all good things on your Gist adventure. I can’t wait to watch your Best of Gistshow in 2015.

  • Diane

    I love the concept and thoroughly enjoyed the first show. I can’t wait to see the next one.

    I agree about the animation on the screens behind you. I also found it very distracting.

  • Marie

    I would like to see a little more diversity among the hostesses of the show. Right now they all have paying jobs that they do from home. I am happy for them that they could find those outlets for their talents while still being there for their kids but the majority of stay at home moms don’t have that. Exclusive homemakers have some unique challenges as well as unique opportunities, such as the availability to do more volunteer work in their community or parish.

    Also, all of the women of The Gist have big families. I think it’s most important to have this perspective but those with small families (1-3 kids) in the conservative Catholic world can easily feel left out. It would be nice to have one hostess with a small family.

  • NY Mom

    I totally agree about the running animated screen behind you. When I watched the first show I actually thought you were experiencing technical difficulties because it never stopped!

    It would be interesting to have your husbands guest host to get their input and perspective, but if they’re anything like my husband, they’d rather die than appear on TV.

    In addition to Marie’s comment above about including women with smaller families, I’d like to also hear from older moms – those who may be grandmothers – who are now looking back from a longer perspective and body of experience. What they know now that they wished they did then, what turned out to be the best approach for them on various issues, etc. (I am “only” 53 but have both married children with kids and children of my own still in grade school who are living at home. The constant mental gear-shifting is both stimulating and overwhelming.) Including a wider range of ages and life experience would give the show a richer and broader dimension for more women. I do understand that the show is likely targeting a younger audience, but what a slightly older generation can add to that forum might be surprising!

  • NY Mom

    One more little observation – The staging as it is has you all so far apart and in these oversized chairs that seem to overwhelm some of you. Is there a chance you could all sit a bit closer to one another? Danielle especially seems to be leaning uncomfortably in towards the others, but more from a lonely “hey – I’m waaay over here!” angle. In conversation you’re together, but visually you seem oddly, formally, stiffly apart, which conflicts with the shared intimacy and warmth that is natural to normal “mom” conversation.

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