June 1st, 2008

Catholic Kids Book Fair

Great news for Catholic schools! Pauline Books & Media will soon be offering book fairs featuring their products as an alternative to the Scholastic Book Fairs many Catholic schools now host. Publicist Sally Feller shares:

We’re creating a book fair that will be the Catholic version of the current Scholastic program. So many teachers and principals complain about the offerings of the Scholastic fairs, that we saw the need to embrace the book fair environment while offering the solid, fun, and educational Catholic material that we’re known for!

The book fairs will be accompanied by a magazine called JClub: A Catholic Place for Kids and a website with fun stories, games, activities, videos, music, and reviews for kids. The site and magazine will also have content for parents and educators so that they can learn about media literacy, crafts, a “Help! My Kids Are Asking Me!…section with catechetical questions that can be sent in for the Daughters of St. Paul to answer, a “Meet a Sister” page, Saint-a-Day bios and questions, and more.

Watch here for updates as more details become available.

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