October 20th, 2013

Just Plain Messy

My high school physics class never made much sense to me. In fact, there is only one thing I learned in that class that still sticks with me after all these years–the idea of entropy or the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Systems tend to go from a state of order to a state of maximum disorder.

Finally. After endless pages of meaningless numbers and symbols and equations, here at

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August 17th, 2013

Do You Need a Writing Coach?

If you wonder if you might need a writing coach, ask yourself the following questions:

— Do I need help defining my goals in writing?

— Do I have a writing project that has languished for years because I am not sure what to do with it?

— Have I always wanted to explore the field of professional writing, but am not sure where to begin?

— Do I have

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March 6th, 2013

Keeping up. Not really.

Through a series of fortunate events, Ambrose recently upgraded to an iPod Touch and his younger brother Stephen inherited the ancient artifact known as his former iPod nano. Win, win!

But these boys do not enjoy the same listening privileges, and so this morning I was tasked with approving the songs that were on the 14-year-old’s device for 11-year-old listening. Bob Marley, okay. Cars soundtrack, okay. Usher … well, I

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October 11th, 2012

In case you are in or around Pittsburgh this weekend …

[Removed the embedded document from this post because it kept messing up the blog page]

September 19th, 2012

Is it still Tuesday?

No? Too bad. I’m doing this anyway. Here goes …

Do you know what is one of the worst feelings in the world? It’s when you are driving home from dropping the kids off at youth group, looking forward to a mini date night with your sweet and patient husband, and then you feel a twitch in your left eye. And your brain starts to do this:

Hey, my eye

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June 25th, 2012

What About Midlife?

What would your “midlife mom” book look like? Elizabeth Foss is conducting research for a potential new project. Please let her know your thoughts!

June 13th, 2012

People Are Crazy/Fun/Cute/Sweet/Awesome/Okay

November 28th, 2011

Mass Confusion is must-watch on CatholicTV

So fabulous! I see such potential for this hilarious, creative show filled with such talented people! Check out the pilot below. Find out more at CatholicTV.