October 18th, 2008

Saturday Sarah Fix

Over at Pondered in My Heart, Kimberlee has turned the blog over to her husband who offers an inspiring account of their day spent at a Sarah Palin rally in Pennsylvania.

Go read the whole thing — the pictures of the crowds and of Eliza (their beautiful daughter with Down syndrome) dancing around the stadium are more than worth the click.

I do have one problem with the post,

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September 14th, 2008

Must Share

This is totally silly, but I can’t help myself.

Donna sent along this hilarious link and I find myself (and my kids) hopelessly mesmerized by goofy, singing horses (click on the horses to start and stop them).

Who says the internet is a time waster?

August 16th, 2008

Blast from the Past

We’ve been having a bit of fun with photos and old fashioned hairstyles over at Faith & Family Live! this weekend.

The fun has prompted my mom to share a picture of her beautiful self (she really is pretty, isn’t she?) from 1966 — the year she graduated from college.

I, of course, was quick to find a matching style for myself.

I can only hope that one

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August 8th, 2008

Not My Frog

This one is reader Margaret’s in Jandowae, the Dollar Block town in central Queensland on the Darling Downs Australia.

He hung out in the washer — survived a cycle!

And on the toilet seat.

I’m not sure I want to share my bathroom with an amphibian just yet, but I did enjoy the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Margaret!

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July 7th, 2008

Is it really so very awful of me

to love these Demotivational posters?

May 29th, 2008


Did you watch? Are you gratified?

Personally speaking, I was totally paid back for all my hours and hours of watching, all my hours and hours of “What the … ?” when Desmond and Penny kissed. For real. Does it get any better than that?

Have they hooked you enough for next season? I am easy and I admit it — I am so there.

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May 11th, 2008

Happy Morning

This has me laughing so hard I am crying this morning. And I don’t think it’s just because I had two mimosas with my Mother’s Day brunch.

Click the image above to get to the card. Click a flower on the left to hear what the kids think they say and then the corresponding flower on the right to hear what a mom actually hears.

And incidentally, if

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May 9th, 2008

Fill ‘er up?

HT: Kim via email