September 14th, 2016

In the Dough

(This is an old column of mine that originally appeared at Inside Catholic)

I was going through some old pictures online the other day. Organizing family photos is a project I assign myself on occasion in order to avoid doing real work. Nothing makes sorting through decades’ worth of jumbled digital images seem like quite so enticing a task as having real work with a real deadline looming on

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May 11th, 2016

Mommy Wars, Schmommy Wars

In an article at Salon a few years back, writer Katy Read admitted something that raised some maternal eyebrows: She regrets having left a respectable job and steady paycheck to be an at-home mom to her two sons for ten years.

It’s not the quality time with her children she regrets, but the financial toll she’s now paying for it.

“The swing set moments when I would realize, watching

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February 22nd, 2016

The Long and Whining Road

(As my family and I begin making plans for another Florida road trip this summer, I thought it would be fun to share this old blog post about family travel.)

My husband and I were recently inspired to pack ourselves, our eight kids, and 13,000 Capri Sun juice boxes into our twelve-passenger van and drive more than 1,500 miles to spend Christmas in south Florida.

It was epic –

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November 2nd, 2015

Of Saints and Sinners

I was a teenager when he died. We went to visit him one last time when I was about 14 years old. Nobody said it was “one last time” – not to me, anyway. They said we would be taking some short trips to Canada – just a few of us kids at a time – to see our grandfather.

It was their eyes, their tone, and their hushed late-night

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October 26th, 2015

Sanitized Childhood

I read a Curious George book to my children a few weeks ago. It was a library copy – one of the very old ones, wrapped in protective plastic with decades-old, handwritten due dates inside the front cover.

The story was typical H. A. Rey fare. The man with the yellow hat was exasperatingly clueless while George was up to no good with a family of ducks in the

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October 31st, 2011

A Catholic Halloween

You can read my latest column, about celebrating a Catholic Halloween, at Crisis today:

Don’t Trade Halloween for Reformation Sunday

And in case you still aren’t convinced, I offer you my annual argument in favor of celebrating Halloween, from a slightly different approach:

Captain America costume in size 3T

Daniel 2009

October 7th, 2011

In the Dough

You can read my latest column at Crisis today:

In the Dough

July 9th, 2011

NFP and Porch Parties

Happy weekend!

My latest column at Crisis is up this weekend:

Five Ways I Don’t Love Natural Family Planning

You should read the comments! Most of them are great — very thoughtful and charitable. In the “not quite so thoughtful and charitable” category, though, my favorite so far is from the lady who accused me of, in some previous article, admonishing readers to have more kids because I know they

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