August 19th, 2007

Baby Shower

We welcomed some new baby chicks this past week. So we need to throw a baby shower, don’t we? Don’t answer that. Of course we do.

The new mother already has all the latest in chick feeders and waterers, so for the shower we focused mainly on the cake.

baked and decorated by Kateri

First, the human guests had hefty portions

and then it was time for the chickens to party.

Like most showers, this was a girls only event. Roosters were not invited.

Once the last of the cake was eaten, I made my way slowly back toward the house for baths and bedtime. The baby pawed my face with sticky hands while Raphael and Gabby ran ahead. Long shadows hopped and skipped beside them through the field. The green grass was cool under our feet in the late summer evening. Clucking chickens and chirping crickets filled our ears.

This, I thought to myself, is what it feels like to be blessed. And there’s no place in the world I’d rather be than right here right now. Where babies need baths and chickens eat cake.

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