March 22nd, 2010

Approaching End of Lent Daybook

Outside my window … back to cold and rainy. The several days’ preview of May-like temperatures were welcome … and temporary. We have no snow on the ground, though, which is a rather amazing thing for NH this time of year. I’ll take it.

I am thinking … that it’s awfully hard to stay on track with Lenten resolutions right about now. It’s tempting to fast-forward to Easter, but we’re not quite there yet, are we?

I am thankful for … Playmobil. It’s been inspiring the very best kinds of quiet, imaginative play around here lately. Take that, rain!

I am hoping … to find some very cool Easter hats for not too much money for the girls. I was thinking of browsing eBay, where I have had luck in past years. It’s not every day a 15 year old tells her mother that yes, she would like to wear an Easter bonnet this year. I need to take advantage.

On my mind … Finishing up the school year. It’s early, I know, but I need a plan in place and goals in mind to keep me on track this time of year. Otherwise, I might just chuck the whole thing. Just kidding … Sort of.

Noticing that … I need Mary. When I remember to turn to her in all the little moments of my day, not everything always goes smoothly, but I am much better at handling the bumps along the way. I like the Memorare. It soothes my soul.

A few plans for the week … Baseball begins! Big boy indoor practices commence in earnest. Do you hear that faint whimpering coming from the corner? Yes, that is me. I am crying for joy. Because I never needed a silly little life of my own anyway.

From the kitchen … I might bake some bread later this week. Ambrose enjoyed some bakery bread earlier today and through large mouthfuls asked, “How come you stopped baking bread?” Message received.

Around the house … Still making an effort to stick with 40 Bags in 40 Days. Most of my bags have been small, though. I wish outdoor bags could count because Dan put some kids to work over the weekend and they gathered up quite a pile in the yard. Where does this stuff come from?

One of my favorite things … the way 3-year-old Daniel calls me when he needs some help in the bathroom. “Danny Bean, on the potty!” I hear at random times throughout the day. Danny Bean. Lest I confuse him with some other Danny who requires toilet assistance …

A picture I am sharing …

Danny Bean, “spying” on his big brothers:


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