Advent Through the Eyes of Mary

Advent is a beautiful time of year for peaceful reflection and pondering the gift of Jesus, just as Mary teaches us to do.
But sometimes … life gets in the way. Our quiet pondering can turn into frenzied shopping, stressful hosting, and a list of to-do’s that threaten to rob us of peace and steal our joy. We need to be deliberate about where we will focus your time, energy, and attention during the holy season of Advent.

Make this Advent different by hosting an in-person event in your parish, women’s group, or community:

Advent Through the Eyes of Mary
designed and led by Danielle Bean

In this 2-hour presentation, award-winning author and speaker Danielle Bean leads your group in a series of reflections on the joyful mysteries of the Rosary, experiencing Advent through the eyes of Mary.

Danielle is an experienced speaker and retreat leader.

Danielle is an experienced speaker and retreat leader.

This totally customizable event, Advent Through The Eyes of Mary, includes:

  • Gospel readings
  • Reflections written and led by Danielle
  • Inspirational Music
  • Time for personal prayer
  • Group prayer led by Danielle
  • Discussion facilitated by Danielle

To find out more about bringing Danielle Bean to your community for this prayerful, Advent-themed event, fill out the form below.