I am a writer and speaker. I help struggling moms to know their dignity and worth so they can find peace, balance, and joy in family living.

So many of us struggle, and too many of us feel alone in that struggle. I know what it’s like to give your all to your family and yet still sometimes feel like you are failing at the important stuff. I know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into this mom-thing and still sometimes wonder if it’s all worthwhile in the end.

Is there dignity in your motherhood? Is their worth in your dedication to family living? I am here to tell you YES, and to help you find the happiness God means for you to find in your vocation.

In my blog, books, podcast, and newsletter, I share honestly about faith, family, and the struggles of motherhood. I offer you encouragement and empowerment in the role God created you to play in your home and family.


I have been married to my husband Dan for 21 years and together we have 8 children. I am publisher of Catholic Digest and a talk show host on CatholicTV.

My books are My Cup of Tea, Mom to Mom, Day to Day, Small Steps for Catholic Moms, and the book/parish study, Momnipotent.

I love talking to women, couples, and families! I am available as a speaker on a variety of subjects related to Catholic family life, schooling, marriage, and motherhood. I encourage women of all ages and stages of life to find humor in daily challenges and the joy God intends for every one of us.


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