June 23rd, 2008


This morning I take my big girls to camp. It’s a day camp, but they’ll be spending evenings at their grandmother’s house for the week. Which will leave Gabby and me alone to face a houseful of testosterone. One husband, five sons, and one dog. All boys.

I’m thinking I should move into her bedroom for the week and bring along my nail polish, hair accessories, and Jane Austen novels. We can also encourage plenty of fishing trips and outdoor activities for the men folk. Together, we can do this.

Gabrielle, however, has her doubts. When I was explaining the logistics of our upcoming week to her last night at bedtime, she looked a little uncertain.

“It might be okay,” she told me, “if we do a lot of shopping.”

Hmmm, yeah. I’ve probably got all the girl I need right here.

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