September 2nd, 2011

7 Quick Takes, Back to School Edition

— 1 —
Fitness Update

We have officially entered that season of the year where if I do not get up at the crack of dawn and force myself into workout clothes and push “play” before I can even open my eyes … the workouts just aren’t going to happen. I try to play the game for a while. You know, the one where I convince myself, while lying in bed in the early hours of morning, that this indeed is the day from which I will manage to painlessly squeeze 60 minutes for maternal fitness without feeling as though I am abandoning my offspring and/or husband in the process. No it isn’t. Today is not that day. And tomorrow isn’t either. I need to start getting up earlier.

— 2 —

Prison Break. You watch? You obsess? Yes? ME TOO!

— 3 —
Bragging Rights

My name is Danielle Bean and as of this moment, no member of my immediate family has overdue materials checked out from any library in the state of New Hampshire. The kids keep asking me to bring them to the library and I tell them no. Mommy’s basking in her clean record. Someone take a picture or something.

— 4 —
Age Report

My oldest daughter is now a contributing member of society. This week alone, she …

a. started a small job — training a horse! — at the stable where she rides.
b. went on her very first job interview.
c. got offered a part time position as a cashier at our local supermarket.

Her parents are very proud of her. And feeling very old. Small price to pay, though, for a daughter who will now find out the value of a dollar and might rethink her “need” for overpriced sneakers and feather hair extensions.

— 5 —
Awesome Recipe

Mixed greens + balsamic vinaigrette dressing + dried cranberries + toasted pecans + goat cheese crumbles = The Best Summer Salad (that I plan to keep eating through the fall)

— 6 —

My sister! She’s having a baby! Go tell her how awesome that is!

— 7 —

I ran into a woman I know at the store today. I did not realize who she was until after we had passed each other, made eye contact, smiled awkwardly, and then kept walking. She might still be wondering who I am. I remembered later that we worked together at a restaurant years ago and were quite friendly at the time.

Once, when Dan called me at work to ask something, she picked up the phone and pretended to be me. She was a little bit goofy like that.

Dan didn’t suspect anything, she answered his question about when I would be coming home, and they hung up quickly. Then she turned me with tears in her eyes.

“Does he always say that?” she asked.


“Does he always say ‘I love you’ when you hang up the phone?”

“Pretty much,” I shrugged.

“You are a lucky wife,” she told me.

I knew that I was, but I was grateful for the reminder. And today, I am grateful for it again.

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