September 14th, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Back to School edition

— 1 —

I spent the last 45 minutes chasing down a fraudulent charge that was charged to my debit card at The charge is in the process of being refunded and my debit card has been cancelled, but can I just say that this is not fair? When Dan’s card was hacked a few months ago, the crooks were making their way through France and Germany, buying cases of expensive wine, but I get thieves who read instead of traveling the world while drinking? Figures.

— 2 —
The Gist

The new season started last week, but I have been so busy with the start of school, that I have yet to watch a complete episode. Will you check it out with me, and let us know what you think? And then please like us on Facebook, so you can participate in our polls and discussions. See you there!

— 3 —

Late this summer, I picked up running again. After years of debilitating joint pain that made it impossible for me to run regularly, I am healed (I think)! It’s a miracle (I think)! This is great news for me because I really enjoy running and was so sad to give it up. I even signed up to run a 5K in a couple of weeks. My goal is to make it through the race and not come in last. A pretty safe goal, I think, because there is bound to be someone there walking, right? I’m banking on that.

Also, because I am a total dork and unashamed to admit it, I timed myself running a practice 5K last night and then compared my results to the girls’ results in a recent cross country meet that Ambrose participated in. And guess what? I totally beat some of those whippersnappers! Should I call them up and encourage them to enter my race? Nah, just kidding. Sort of. No really, kidding.

Does anyone have running shoes they recommend? Mine are okay (Saucony), but I am really interested in getting a very supportive pair of shoes, to reduce the likelihood that I will go back to my achey joint ways.

— 4 —

The cooler temperatures of fall always inspire me to try some new recipes, and there is nothing quite like Pinterest for finding some great new recipes to try. One recent winner in our house was this super easy chicken. It’s called World’s Best Chicken, and I must say it pretty nearly lives up to its name, even if only because 1) it’s not horrible for you 2) you can put it together in minutes, and 3) everyone actually eats it. WINNER!

— 5 —
My Baby

He is six. I am not kidding. But it kind of feels like God must be. How else to explain the fact that my baby — my sweet newborn infant — is now six years old?

— 6 —
Ten Minutes

I really like Rachel’s 10 minute idea, don’t you? Let’s hold her to it.

— 7 —
Catholic Digest

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7 comments to 7 Quick Takes, Back to School edition

  • Amy

    Brooks shoes. There’s nothing better!

  • I second the Brooks recommendation! I have the finickiest knees of any 25-year-old I’ve ever met, and my Pure Flows have been lifesavers. The soles aren’t SUPER thick, which I like because I can feel the ground better, but they’re definitely supportive/cushiony. (They’re also pretty, which is probably more of a big deal to me than it should be. Seeeee?

    Addendum: You should blog more!

  • It’s always a bonus when a Pinterest recipe (or project) turns out just as good as it looks. And I love the 10 minute idea. It might motivate me to write more on Tuesdays…or Wednesdays. Nice to see you joining the SQT crew Danielle!

  • Ellen P.

    Another vote for Brooks. I recently bought a pair for the first time, and they have been great. If you have a sporting goods store near you that specializes in running, it’s well worth the extra money to have your shoes fitted by someone that is experienced with selling running sneakers. If you bring your old sneakers, they can look at the treads and decide how you run and where you need more support. Then they can make a good recommendation for the best sneaker for you. Good luck!

  • CC

    My physiotherapist recommended Asics 2170 or 2160 or 2150. The different numbers are for older or newer makes of the shoe and you may be able to find them for a good price. Paraphrasing greatly and going by memory, she recommended them because of the stiffness of the shoe. Test the shoe by grasping the bottom and doing a twist/flex of the shoe. Better shoes won’t twist as much and will offer better support for you.

    Happy running,
    I’m back at it too.

  • Thanks for featuring my recipe! Glad you liked it 🙂


  • maranda

    I love my Brooks (Ravenna)and i use superfeet inserts to help with support! Good luck with your race!

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